My New Beardie is Acting Stressed and Threatened

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My New Beardie is Acting Stressed and Threatened

Postby maddieamy » Sat Aug 01, 2020 10:40 pm

I got my juvenile bearded dragon four days ago. He has been absolutely fine and eating live insects and vegetables and pooping okay. He spends most of his time up near the heat lamp and will sometimes have a little run around.

Of course sometimes when I get up from my bed and go near him he’s a bit jittery and he doesn’t want to be picked up yet. We’ve tried to give him a bath and managed to just pick up some water and drip it down his back while he sat in one of our hands. We also drip water on his head in hopes he’s get hydrated that way.

This morning I got out of bed and just sat by him like i’ve done for the past 3 days but this morning he was waving at me and puffing up his beard. I don’t know why he’s doing this now and I don’t want him to be aggressive toward me but I want to know why this is only happening now and not sooner. He’s been completely fine the last 3 days and only now has he acted this way towards me :(

The last thing I want is for him to feel unsafe or threatened, does anyone know why he’s doing this now and what I can do to earn his trust?
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Re: My New Beardie is Acting Stressed and Threatened

Postby KarrieRee » Sun Aug 02, 2020 6:00 am

The arm waving is part of the mating ritual he is showing submission --- your good puffing of the beard they do this in the morning for stretch normal or it could be hes getting ready to shed his beard -- I would let him settle in before getting him out all the time - he needs to adjust - hold him for a few minutes in the tank -- hand feed him worms like BSFL or some small super worms if you can find them -- for hydration dropping water on his nose is good -- I would not bath him for a while it tends to stress them out more -- you can rinse his salads / veggies before serving that will give him hydration if hes eating them - you want him eating some - make sure his insects are gut loaded w/ food and hydration that will help too -- carrots are a good source for hydrating your insects just dont feed the dragon carrots too to much Vit A --- here is website for nutrition
ignore the kale thing its a good staple feeder
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