Dovahh's first-ever brumation

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Dovahh's first-ever brumation

Postby Al6911 » Tue Nov 12, 2019 8:43 am

First off, sorry if this is the wrong section!
Today marks Dovahh's first week home. He turned one this September, and as the US midwest slips into winter, I believe he is showing signs of brumation. I have no fecal sample to have tested, he hasn't really eaten much, maybe 1/2 a cup of salad and not even 20 BSFL. I figure this is just relocation stress mixed in with possible brumation. I went ahead and set his lights/ heating to an 11 hour on, 13 hour off schedule as he is just hiding in a bendy bridge he's got. I don't think it's his personality, as for the first 4 or so days, he happily basked under a hammock. I don't want to waste food if I can help it, I've got quite a bit more greens for him. I went ahead and put the BSFL I was feeding, following the guide on this website n a minifridge. Any other tips? Should i ease him into a 10 hour on/ 14 hour off lighting/ heating schedule? His nails are also quite long, and I will have to trim them soon (I'm assuming it's very similar to trimming Guinea Pig nails, I used to own 2 cute little guys). I'm also assuming it's a good idea to continue offering food. My nighttime temps are around 70-76 degrees, depending on the night, and it's also the same during the day without his lights/ heating. Should i get a CHE for him so he can have some heat in case he wants it if I do need to go to a 10 on/ 14 off schedule?
I know there's a lot of questions here, and I'm very sorry if this all is constantly repeated. I just want the best for my little man!
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