Very, very confused...

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Re: Very, very confused...

Postby Blackbeardie » Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:23 pm

A few additional observations since my first post.

- I have seen each of the two putative females mount each other again. I'm quite certain there was no penetration in these cases, so I think it might be two females trying to fake each other out.

- Then again, maybe not. Tonight when I let the one definite male out of the tank while Female #2 (Smaug) was out, he got very aggressive and black bearded, and proceeded to bite Smaug several times on the flank. Smaug responded with a series of very slow head bobs. The definite male (Na’Toth) did not make any effort to mount Smaug.

I'll also just comment that these are new behavioral developments for these beardies. While they each live in separate tanks, and have been together many times before, it's only within the past week or so that ever I've seen these intense interactions amongst them. Spring fever?
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