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head bobbing all the time

PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:43 am
by Permutation

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a beardie like this.

One of our males we adopted last year head bobs all the time. In his tank, outside of his tank, on and off black beard while head bobbing. It starts as soon as the lights come on in the morning.

He didn't do this when we first adopted him, the first few months there was no head bobbing, it started around fall and has continued until now.

He is an adult, he was and adult when we got him, we are unsure of age because the rescue wasn't given much information on him.

We have tried covering the glass in his tank, putting him in different enclosures but he still head bobs constantly.

I do have 3 other beardies in my home, all out of his site, there have been times where he did catch a glimpse of one of the other beardies while he was out of his tank, is it possible that, that could have triggered the head bobbing, and now that he knows there is another beardie around he just head bobs all the time.

We are totally stumped on this.
Any help is appreciated.

Re: head bobbing all the time

PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:47 am
by KarrieRee
It is mating season and the head bobbing is part of the mating-- its possible he can smell the other beardies in the home I am not sure- but the one time he did see the one in the house that could be the reason why-- it is normal behavior and is a sign of dominance the arm waving is a sign of submission-- I would just keep him out of sight of the others --- nothing is going to stop him from doing this it is part of their nature-- dont let him see his reflection either ---

Re: head bobbing all the time

PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:58 am
by Permutation
it just seems like a long mating season, its been 7 months of this lol and counting.

I do keep him from seeing his reflection, i just don't want him to be stressed out from continuous head bobbing, cause I know high stress can increase parasite levels.

So many possibilities, thank you for you're input on the subject :)