Common Temperment/Behavior

Have any questions about one of the many subtle behaviors a beardie has? Ask and discuss it here!

Common Temperment/Behavior

Postby Deabrua » Fri Dec 07, 2018 10:00 am


As I look around this forum as well as other sites, it seems beardies of various ages can be at least a bit active. What have y'all seen in experience?

My recently bought baby nearly never leaves her favorite spot outside feeding time. Outside her tank she finds somewhere to wiggle into and stays there till I put her back in the tank. I have had her for about a month & a half.

EDIT: She has taken a very quick change of heart since the above post. She's now bent on exploring eeeevvvveeeerrryyyyythiiiiiiiing. She's become more and more bold over the past like... two days. Loving it but she's so quick it's hard to keep her out of trouble :banghead: :lol:
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