Constant glass surfing after house move

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Constant glass surfing after house move

Postby LegitimateProgram » Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:09 am


Hi Folks!

Just looking for some advice or opinions on how I should try to help my two year old male beardie, Grim.

I got him about four months ago from another owner who could not longer keep him, and the previous owner told me that he had just started slowing down a bit -- probably about to start brumating. Sure enough, a couple of weeks after I took him home, he started sleeping for most of the day in the cool side of the tank, barely eating, etc.

Fast forward to two weeks ago and he stopped brumating, but two days later, I moved houses and obviously had to change where his tank was located. Since then, he's been non-stop glass surfing when he's awake to the point of waking me up in the mornings. He's also been doing a small amount of head bobbing, but I put up some backgrounds around his tank and quelled that.

I've been trying to figure out how to help him settle down, but nothing I've tried so far has worked. Some things I've tried and some info: - Letting him out to run around for a while (not for too long, it's cold in Canada :( ) - Ensuring he was actually male to determine whether he was trying to find somewhere to lay eggs (definitely male!) - Checking temperatures of the tank throughout the day to make sure they are fine - Offering him different foods

Ultimately I came to the conclusion that his tank is probably too small. He current has a 36"x18"x17", and he's about 19" or 20" long himself. Unfortunately it's near impossible to find much larger enclosures here, so I'm looking at building one myself, similar to this:
Image in the dimensons of about 48"x19"x22".

Just wondering if anyone thinks there's something else I should do or try before building him a new home. Thanks guys!
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