Male and female

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Male and female

Postby shawnie07 » Thu May 31, 2012 6:19 am


Hey everyone!
So I have a male bearded dragon (gizmo) who is 11 months old and a female (cosmo) who is 16 months old and I have a question about their behaviours.. any help would be greaty appreciated.
I have them housed in separate vivs, however they are side by side but can't see each other unless we take one out they catch glimpses. Starting in febuary gizmo started wild with hormones bobbing his head and turning his beard black at everything, esecially cosmo if he saw her. In the beginning of april cosmo laid her first clutch. We have been trying to keep our dragon out of eye sight of each other (putting them in different rooms when we take them out ect) to prevent the egg laying, however cosmo is currently laying her third clutch! and gizmo is still going crazy with hormones. My question is, is gizmos scent causing cosmo to lay eggs? Should I put their vivs in separate rooms all toghether or will this blow over? Is there some way I can get gizmo to settle down? Any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks so much!
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