Energy Burst? Constant Roaming!

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Energy Burst? Constant Roaming!

Postby Targ » Thu Feb 22, 2018 8:04 am

Hi there! I recently got a beardie who is about 4 years old. I have had her for a month or so, but this isn't my first beardie :-)

She has been super mega chill so far, but for the past few days she's been wild! Rubbing her head against the glass in her viv. I don't think she's about to shed, so my breeder suggested maybe she just wanted out. Well, that's exactly what she wanted! However, now it's pretty constant. From the minute she gets going in the morning, she's trying to get me to take her out to roam. Lol.

I really don't mind a whole lot as I love having her around, but she does make quite a ruckus and my apartment is so tiny and extremely hard to make completely dragon proof. I thought I had dragon proofed it the other day, she slurped up a bead and spat it right back out (I almost had a heart attack).

Anyway, could this just be an energy spurt of some sort? Is this normal? Is she just having a fiesty episode? Lol. I've checked to make sure her temps in the tank are good as well, 100-110 in basking and an area of 70-80 degrees.

Any input welcome. Thanks all!!!
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Re: Energy Burst? Constant Roaming!

Postby CooperDragon » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:30 pm

It's probably just the time of year. My guy has been going absolutely nuts too. They have extra energy in the spring/after brumation as their hormones go nuts. Best to just let her run around and burn off steam from what I can tell. She should calm back down after a while.
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Re: Energy Burst? Constant Roaming!

Postby Blackenedsabbath » Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:43 pm

If you're worried about making your apartment beardie proof you could use foam puzzle piece mats to block off certain areas or make a playpen, and set a fleece blanket down so you don't need to worry about her eating anything off of the floor (just wash the blanket regularly). It's easy to store the mats, and it's cheaper than purchasing a playpen made for babies. Plus if you want to make her roaming space bigger you can buy another pack of mats. This is what I do to let my beardie get his energy out, and it works quite well. The only minor annoyance is putting the mats together and then taking them apart afterwards.
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