Rasputin and Zym

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Rasputin and Zym

Postby Wolfverliebt » Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:17 am

Hey everyone! I have not been on the site in awhile but wanted to give a quick update on the babies. They are both currently 4 months old now. Rasputin is starting to outgrow Zym in both weight and length. Rasputin is also starting to stretch out his beard more and more. At first I was confused but then found out that young males are just practicing. Zym still has so much energy. Sadly, that means no more snuggles for me because all she wants to do is run around. Haha. I have been giving them crickets with calcium and making sure they eat their veggies. Although Zym does not like her veggies. I have to dangle them from the tongs and wiggle it around the cage to get her to eat them while Rasputin will practically jump into the dish most times before i even set it down. I will have to post updated photos of these two. Especially since Rasputins tail has fully healed and is finally looking good. ☺️ Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying their beardies.
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