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Sleepy Lizard

PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 12:19 pm
by ctowers

Hello! Brand new to this forum, and have a story to share.

My first bearded dragon is a bit over a year old. Lately he has gotten a lot more comfortable being brought out of his viv and being handled. Sometimes he isn't into it but mostly he's totally relaxed, even around other people (sometimes climbing onto them on the couch). He likes to run about the house but usually I'll wait till about an hour before lights off and he's super docile and often falls asleep on my lap or chest.

It is in this state of deep slumber that I've realized... when he's asleep, he is not helpful at all in the task of returning to his vivarium. I managed to peel him from my lap and walk towards his enclosure, but as I held him close to me he woke up and climbed up on my shoulders and around my neck. Now, I was by myself and couldn't reach around to grab him. I kept trying to coax him off onto the couch by tilting him slightly towards it, but he would turn around and climb to the other shoulder. It was kinda cute how much he wanted to cling onto me over all other options including returning to his tank, but eventually he crawled onto my arm and I was able to get him back home. I just hope he wasn't too annoyed, poor dude was just trying to sleep on my shoulder!

Re: Sleepy Lizard

PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 12:25 pm
by CooperDragon
:lol: It sounds like he's gotten quite attached to you!