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Does anyone’s dragons do this?.....

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 8:01 pm
by Karebearfreezepop0

So I have a baby bearded dragon not sure if it’s a girl or boy quite yet still so small, got from petco..... anyway I’ve had him a week now and the past three nights it has fallen asleep in my hand and I let it sleep there for a while before I put it in a washcloth and put him in his bedroom we will call it. Well tonight he crawled into my hair and fell asleep, so I had to gently pull it out and hold it in my hand lol.... also we’ve been encountering some eating difficulty here n there. He was doing pretty good but the last two days his appetite has slowed down a bit. I just put a hammock in there and he always wants to be on the hammock basking, never wanting to go anywhere else in the tank or hunt ugh. The past two days I wasn’t home as much either tho. If I put food in for him and leave he doesn’t touch anything but it seems like when I’m around he’s more likely to eat something... wonder why. One reason could be that I take him down from his hammock and before that his little perch and put him down where the crickets are, maybe that’s why? Idk. I’m having a hard time getting him to eat his roaches. I bought a specific bowl to put them in that they don’t crawl out of but he won’t go eat them, he’s also not eating his salads which I’ve tried putting strawberries and blueberries in to entice but to no evail! I’ve also tried feeding him with tongs , the first time o used them he ate two and never again. I’ve also tried putting him in a separate container or plate with some and the first time I did it he ate them but will not anymore. Difficult little guy. Maybe I’m stressing him out? My temps are good and I’ve decorated his tanks but it’s seems the more I decorate the tank the way everyone says I should the less he eats. He ate a lot better when it was bare but only wants to eat in his tank sooooo..... but I can’t believe he’s been sleeping in my hand already, I know bearded dragons sleep on their owners or I have heard of it but never thought it’d be this soon! Lol love it! P.s. we’ve been calling him. Bub guy even tho we don’t now if it’s a guy yet lol
This is him passed out in my hand lol
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Also, is this hammock too close to the lights? The one all the way to the right is the basking bulb which is a 150 watt (we tried 85watt and 100watt and wasn’t getting warm enough) the middle one is the uvb bulb (I ordered the tf hood uvb, just waiting for it to arrive)
And the one all the way to the left is a 100 watt heat emitter which I’ve been putting on sporadically if the temps drop (I’ve been had been having a hard time getting it hot enough in there butthonk I finally got it)
Karen[Click image to enlarge]

Re: Does anyone’s dragons do this?.....

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2019 11:56 am
by CooperDragon
It's fun when they fall asleep on you like that. I take it to mean they are comfortable around you which is good. Their appetites will fluctuate so don't worry about it too much as long as he is alert and active and not losing weight. Do you see signs of a shed coming on? Sometimes that can affect their appetites. As far as the decoration goes, I would watch how he interacts and adjust according to his preferences. If he likes it bare, that's OK. If he uses the hammock where it is, it's OK to have it there, etc.

Re: Does anyone’s dragons do this?.....

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2019 12:02 pm
by Karebearfreezepop0
Ok thank you, yeah his head shedded two days ago, the past two days he has only eaten like two crickets and two days before that nothing and he’s been very tired n lethargic looking. Idk if it was because the shed or not! Sooo I’ll just keep trying to feed him and I need to get a scale for him, I only have a people scale it prob wouldn’t even notice him on it lol ! Yeah he falls asleep on me every night, it’s a little ritual, he falls asleep while I watch tv and then after like a half hour or so I put him to bed 😊