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Postby Minimum3 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:56 pm


7 am... always 7 am.

<thud, scratch, crunch> No response from snoring Hooman. <thud, scratch, scratch, thud, bang, bang> HOOMAN!
Me: What Phira? (Groggy)
Phira: You need to turn the lights on.
Me: your lights are on a timer. <rolls over>
Phira: No duh stoopid Hooman. My lights are on. Yours aren't.
Me: I don't want my lights on.
<scratch, thus, bang,> lights lights lights <scratching continues>
Me: <reaches over turns on lamp>
Phira: <goes quite>
10 minutes later...
Phira: Hooman! Hooman! I has to poo!
Me: Seriously? Poo in your house. My alarm goes off in a 40 minutes. I'll clean it out then.
Phira: ... ... ... <scratch, thud, bang.>
Me: OH MY GOD! <throws covers off... stomps over to cage... opens the door... reaches in and gently grabs Phira and places him in "poo box" since he won't poo in his house. Goes and sets on the bed and waits not paying attention. Watches Phira run across room. Gets up to clean out poo box. No poo.>
Phira: I'm done! <drags dragon butt across the carpet. The proceeds to run around and play. Hooman cleans up poo and lays down on bed, accidentally falls back asleep checking Facebook. Wakes up a short time later to see Phira looking at him having crawled up the covers>
Me: Hi my friend.
Phira: <licks at Hoomans nose. Then jumps on his face.>
Me: <with lizard still on his face> *sigh*
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Re: Hooman!

Postby Gormagon » Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:56 pm

Too cute, lol! He's not ready for daylight savings time either, lmao!!!
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Re: Hooman!

Postby Opheliaaah » Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:42 pm

Hahah!I love this! Also I thought my guy was fancy by always picking the same spot to poo. Your's requests his own separate bathroom. Too cool.
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