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Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 11:29 pm
by BlueDragon09

Im so tired these days. Idk if I have energy for TLDR anymore. I haven't written any TLDR.

Broly's doing fine. Still dropping small amounts of weight. 593 now. He's barely eating not polishing off any bowls of food like he's done before he started this. I gave him bugs but he only ate 2..I tried more he was done hunting them. He didn't want them in a bowl either. He was eager to eat even if it's not more than I liked to see. He ate some squash but still no greens. Oh, but he'll polish off fruit no's the stubborn phase yet again. He only wants fruit but eat bits of his favorite, squash and bugs. I shouldn't complain...other people have it worse. People are dealing with sick or not eating beardies.

Nobody's napping for the most part. Jamie is slowing down on drinking.

Glad for Puff. I only have two dragons and geckos who will without hesitation. Broly not so much...he'll do what he likes.

I gotta go to bed.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 9:35 am
by SHBailey

Broly and Puff are alot alike as far as their eating habits are concerned, except that I haven't tried Puff on fruit lately -- he's never liked it in the past. But otherwise he eats squash (kabocha is his favorite, but he'll go for butternut too) most of the time and greens once in a while, but he won't bother going "downstairs" to where we keep the veggies at the cool end of the tank. They'd be cooked by the end of the day if we put them on his basking platform where they'd be in easy reach. We take him out of his tank and put him in a special feeding bin when he gets his bugs, otherwise the ones he fails to catch would be all over the tank. At that time we also hand feed him veggies. He's taken a like to leeks lately, but they're not a good nutritious staple for beardies so he only gets a little bit -- any amount of greens is better than none.

Puff gained some of the weight that Broly lost -- just over 500 grams at his last weighing. And you're right -- we're lucky our beardies are reasonably healthy. Some are much worse off.

Puff is napping a little more than usual lately, but doesn't stay in his hide all day. We wouldn't let him do that if he wanted to. Not healthy enough to brumate. But he cooperates when we take him out of his hide for bath and food, and almost always eats bugs if nothing else.

Still extremely cold here -- subzero temperatures even in the daytime. No one is going outside unless absolutely necessary, although it looks like a beautiful Christmas card out there when you sit by the heater and look out the window. :)

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 11:27 pm
by BlueDragon09

Broly been eating more now but haven't tried greens yet. well I have..but he doesn't eat. He ate more bugs than the usual two to three. He got four before he got bored. He almost polishes off a whole bowl of squash. He wasn't running around like a mad man, today was more calm. I can't say every day he's like this. I will weigh him February 4.

Nobody napping though it's been relatively warm. It was 65f today in February...supposed to be cold. It rained so nobody went out too wet and humid.

I've been learning German from my best guy friend who is from Germany. Tom has already spoken to him so they know each other so to speak. We don't really know each other and probably never will. We do speak on Discord like actually talk no worries, no fees it's free on wifi. Data is different, it definitely would cost on phone data. Texting no issue though because not really using phone number. Idk maybe it wouldn't cost on data to call but not chancing it. He would like to visit us one day.

I guess Idk what else to respond goodnight.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 2:33 pm
by SHBailey

So I've been depressed for the last week or so. :( Not dangerous (no thoughts of suicide or anything like that), just moderately miserable and almost completely useless -- can't make myself do anything. Puff didn't even get his good morning cuddle a couple of days in a row, but at least he crawled out from under his towel on his own and did a little basking before napping in his hide. "Daddy" takes care of him with no help from me when I get like that. At least I'm feeling a little better today. Hopefully it will be a good weekend and my poor husband won't get stuck with all the work tomorrow.

Broly and Puff both like squash, but I've noticed that too much of it makes for sloppy orange poops.

It's finally "warmed up" to around freezing here, or at least it feels warm after temperatures below zero. Not much snow lately, but they're expecting a few flurries in the next few days. If it goes above freezing we'll have a sloppy mess all over the place, but I will only complain about the hazardous road conditions, not the warmer temperatures. :mrgreen:

My grandfather spoke German, and English with a German accent. I never learned any from him. I was only about 8 years old when he died. Meanwhile I took Spanish in high school, but never got fluent in it. I've played around with Scottish Gaelic a little bit in the last couple of years -- I was mainly curious about whether there was any rhyme or reason to the spelling. It turns out that there it, but it's complicated. Our library has a program called "Mango" that teaches language, and does a pretty good job of it. You have to sign on and set up a password and all, but otherwise it's free.

Have fun with German. It's more closely related to English, and I've wondered if I would do well with it since it's in my DNA, and I grew up listening to my grandfather's English with occasional German words sprinkled in. I've never seriously tried to learn it though.

I hope you have a nice weekend... :)

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 1:44 am
by BlueDragon09

It was actually warm for February. I don't dare go outside as it was still a but chilly. Tomorrow might be the same.

In Germany, there's a storm still blowing named Sabine. He's safe and had some wind throughout but nothing worrying. He was still able to get online. He honestly doesn't mind dedicating time to teach me. He's mentally unwell right now nothing worrying he just has those days he's just not into anything but texting. He says worrying stuff sometimes but he always comes out of it ok. I understand the mental health spiraling down I get those too. We're both ok though we're both mentally unwell at the moment. Brain on auto pilot and I do what I have to.

Broly's eating more and more but he might be back in a rut because rain is coming back real soon. He's dropping weight still but wouldn't know it unless you sit him on the scale.

Im waiting for my friend to wake up (might be late who knows) I already have a crappy sleep schedule no matter how late my body says 10am get up. I wanna make sure he's ok but still not ok in the head if that at all makes sense.

Soo I found out the company for my Jurassic Park Builder app game is getting shut down March 30. They don't want to support it anymore. They have other games but you have to pay now. I went for a dragon game that's just like it. You're building a park for dragons and you get NPC people stopping by to see all your dragons. NPC is non playable characters. I have 7 at the moment. I have dragons breeding and sometimes it's up to 18 hours! I can wait since it costs to speed up. I have an egg that's ready to hatch in four hours it started off at 18 hours. Yeah that sucks had the Jurassic Park game since my iPhone 5c and passed it to my iPhone 6 Plus and now I had to remove it from my iPhone 8 Plus because no point. It's gone soon. Oh well all good things come to an end huh?

Im going off now and will check Broly's weight tomorrow.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:25 am
by SHBailey

You and me and your friend in Germany all with the mental illness. You're lucky that you can do what you have to do with your brain on auto pilot. When I get depressed all I can do is lay around in bed or play stupid card games with the computer -- local stuff with no online interaction with others -- gets pretty boring. The housework doesn't get done when I can't do it unless my husband has time, but critter care comes first.

Puff's weight was up above 520 grams the last time we weighed him, so he's doing pretty well, although my husband reminds me that this was a "before poop" weight. It's still good though. It sounds like Broly is doing just fine.

Being "ok but not ok in the head" makes perfect sense to me. They ask if I'm having any thoughts of suicide when I'm depressed and I truthfully tell them no. I'm not dangerous when I'm depressed, just moderately miserable and almost completely useless, so they can just please leave me alone until I feel better. Being bipolar is almost like being two different people.

And my husband has a new euphemism:
"It's a big vacuum cleaner."
"What do you mean by that?"
"Well, think about it. What does a vacuum cleaner do?"
-- It sucks. Silly me that he had to explain that one. :lol:

That Jurassic Park game sounds like fun. Too bad they're shutting it down, but perhaps they will come up with something better to replace it? Jurassic Park 2.0 maybe? :?

Cold here today but temperatures not as extreme as they were a few weeks ago. We got some snow, and oddly enough it usually "warms up" when it snows, like from 0 to mid 20s. We're also gaining over 5 minutes of daylight every day and it's really becoming noticeable. I'm looking forward to spring but not to summer because I'm hoping those insane heat waves don't become the new normal.

I hope you have a nice weekend... :)

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 12:45 am
by BlueDragon09

Broly gained 2g so 577g is better. It's before a stool.

My anxiety makes me clean up and sometimes when it's all done nothing still to do. Mental health just sits in the back of my mind. Anxiety really sucks but hey it makes me clean up so depression isn't gonna keep me down. I can't if I wanted to, I get squirmy waiting around when Im anxious. I have to do something to ease it away.

None of the new Jurassic Park games are free only free to download but pay to play so I've given up. I'll buy Jurassic World Evolution for xbox.

I have a few bipolar friends and I understand when they get upset. My german friend just has mood swings and depression no bipolar. Im waiting for him to get up. Im hoping soon because him being ill he may sleep at midnight which is 3pm my time and we're seeing Sonic today. We won't be able to call today and wanna make sure he's ok with it. I feel better if he knows.

My parents never understand to leave me alone when upset or depressed. We were a "talk to your teen" family. Im used to interacting online. I have to for my friends they distract me sometimes.

Glad for Puff.

Im glad someone understands the ok but not in the head. I have to go. Anxiety kicking up so Im done typing.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 1:23 pm
by SHBailey
Hiya. Sorry I haven't posted anything for so long... :oops: More problems with depression and a trip to the emergency room yesterday, but this time it wasn't for a mental health issue -- infection instead and I was only there for half a day. If it isn't one thing it's another... :roll:

Sounds like Broly's weight is stable. My husband keeps track of Puff's weight and charts it on the computer, and he always makes note of whether it's before or after a poop so we can try to figure out the "net weight."

Not so good lately -- he hasn't been eating much and has dropped to just below 500 grams again, and is spending a lot of time hiding. He may be getting really serious about trying to brumate, which we're not going to let him do if we can possibly avoid it. Just when the days are getting longer -- his biological clock seems to still be set for the southern hemisphere, or maybe just weirded out and not set for anything at all. :?

The weird thing is he spends alot of time sitting in his hide awake and watching what's going on, probably more than he naps. Go figure.

Even though it sucks, your lucky that your anxiety helps you get things done. Nothing gets done when I'm depressed or anxious, or just sick like what sent me to the ER yesterday. I'm ashamed because I found out that my husband can whip through the laundry way more efficiently than I can, but I feel horrible about him having to do so much housework -- his own full time job and then most of mine. He calls himself lazy when he sleeps in on the weekends, but I tell him that he's just tired.

I hate it when they tell you a game is free but then there's a catch. My husband got into one of those on FaceBook. They advertise that it's free but only until you get to a certain level, just enough to get hooked on the game, and then they charge you to keep playing. My husband didn't fall for it and we haven't payed them anything. More important things to do.

Yeah, some people want to talk you out of it if they know you're depressed. They don't get it if you just want to be left alone. Sometimes when I'm not to terribly depressed, I can smile and fake it so people won't think I need a pep talk (does more harm than good), but if I'm really badly depressed, then I need to get away from people so I don't hurt their feelings. It's for their own good.

It's kind of nice here for early March. Alternate snow and sunshine but sunny today. Hopefully there won't be to much more snow before my husband gets done shoveling the last batch. :)

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 7:27 pm
by BlueDragon09

Broly is also dropping weoght. It's not alarming rate so we're not worried. He doesn't have a case like Alucard. I can't believe he's 5 years old. It's srill unreal! Y'all said enjoy the baby stage lol. Luckily, there's a few pics of him and stories of him growing up. Spring fever may be on its way. He's not eating a lot and is running around. He drops between 5-18g because potty happens along with running and not eating a lot. He does manage to get some back.

Nice day for March. Been really nice! It's just hovering at 55-60 degrees no snow this year. Plants are waking up because it's unusually warm this year for tail end of winter.
Jamie roamed outside (I know 60 isn't ideal but it was really warm outside) Broly and Kane had the old bunny hutch. So everyone had natural uvb. We changed out all the arcadia bulbs too we're set till next year.

I have been in therapy lately. It may not help everyone with anxiety or depression or whatever you have. It's Depression and suicidal are my issues so I need help. Anxiety gets helped too but it really helps with everything getting done then it calms down after a bit. It's been getting managed more than the other two. Our german friend gets worried and in his own language yelled at me to get help so I confessed to Tom what's happening and he got me into therapy. It's not so bad, he's really nice and helps find solutions to my issues. He agrees cleaning is good to get your mind off anxiety but he has suggested other things to help when Im done cleaning and still anxious. I watch my favorite childhood movie, Lion King (1994) it does the trick most times. Therapy been happening for three weeks now.

I found an axolotl virtual pet gamein place of my "ending support" one. Can't do much but it helps I feed and clean it. Cleaning once a week and feeding every four days. I check on him a lot so it helps.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2020 12:06 pm
by SHBailey

Puff is in the same boat as Broly weightwise -- the drop isn't enough to worry about yet, but we're watching it.

They grow up and get old when you're not looking, don't they? Puff is almost 8 years old now as far as we know, and that may have something to do with why he's slowing down -- I hadn't thought about that. :idea:

Puff is not eating a lot lately, although once in a while he still scarfs a bunch of bugs. Our last batch of roaches were really small so it took more of them to fill him up. Unlike Broly though, he's napping more and running around less, so I'm not expecting spring fever anytime soon.

We're getting a lot of nice sunny days but temperatures still in the teens and single digits. It cools off fast at night when it's clear, and when it "warms up" (into the 20s and 30s) it usually snows. But it's March so we've only got another month or two before it seriously starts warming up and melting off. We call it breakup. It's ugly for a while with puddles of melting snow everywhere but we love it because it means it's spring.

Sun shining in the windows in the other room and it keeps making me think I left the light on. :wink:

You're right -- 60 is a low temperature for a beardie but it's probably warmer in the sun. And UV. 8)

I've been in and out of therapy for about the last 30 years, and I've seen some good ones and some not so good ones. What often happens is that I turn out to be unable to follow their suggestions for one reason or the other. I have a good one available now, but he's not cheap and I have lousy insurance.

I looOOove Lion King. I was past childhood when I saw it but I still saw it with my mom. She had a whole library of Disney movies back in the old days when they had VCRs and tapes. Obsolete now -- CDs are way better. She gave them to the grandkids, but I don't know if any of them sill have a working VCR. She teased me about Lion King because I had multiple "favorite parts."

Axolotls are cool. I would imagine that your game has some really gnarly graphics? See, whenever they shut down your favorite game, something better usually comes along, otherwise they wouldn't be able to stay in business. :mrgreen:

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 9:45 pm
by BlueDragon09

Broly's gained 1g. Kane continues to lose, spring fever.
Jamie is just a tease, she has spring fever too. She's not losing a lot.

Anxiety really bites! In order to watch a movie or video, I have to have it calm down or Im squirmy. I would move around too much. It can be from excitement or worry. Right now, it's my friend, he wasn't well in his head and probably had fallen asleep and Im trying to keep that thought in my head. I wouldn't want him up all night anyway. It's not good for mental health.

Im still in therapy and it's working! He's great, I see him every week. Lion King works a lot but tonight is Die Hard LOL. It's good and hopefully I see my friend tonight and not pass out. I know because Germany is different time zones but still like to wait up for him. He doesn't have friends because when he's not in his right mind he gets toxic but never means anything he says so I pay no mind. He apologizes later, I tell him to work on it and not lash out at people. He says he tries but it's hard he can't help it when he's not well. He needs another coping mechanism to stress.

Supposed to snow on Sunday night so we'll see. It's 30 degrees so it will stick.
Also tired of hearing about coronavirus. It's in my town, everywhere. Someone has it. Im not too worried about it, over 64,000 people have recovered from it. My friend hasn't caught it, at all. He's happy he has a cold and not corona. He hates colds but would take it over corona.

Everyone is eating well just running around burning energy and weight. This is probably not much of a response to what you said but I try.

I agree about the is hectic and just too tired these days.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 1:27 pm
by SHBailey

Sounds like it's going to be fun and games at your place for a while with Jamie and Kane both having spring fever at the same time. I supposed you'll keep them apart unless you want a bunch of little dragons. :wink:

Puff's weight is still holding fairly stable at around 500 grams. It would be nice if it were a little more, but at least he's not losing a lot. And he doesn't seem to know whether he wants to brumate or go hormonal. It's like he spends every other day napping in his hide, and then the next day he's head bobbing at us, but no jet black beard so far, so I'm not calling it spring fever yet. :?

I crochet when I'm listening to online radio or podcasts that have no video. Gives me something to do with my hands. But when I'm watching movies I like to give them my undivided attention so I don't miss any of the visual stuff. My problem is that if I sit in one place for too long, I tend to fall asleep, no matter how exciting the movie is. The nice thing is that if I'm watching it online instead of on TV, I can always rerun the part that I slept through.

It sounds like you and your friend in Germany have a way of helping each other, especially when either of you is "not well in the head."

We've had some nice sunny weather but still cold, especially at night. But they're predicting that it's going to warm up around the first day of spring. Nice coincidence. The weather in Anchorage usually doesn't pay much attention to what the calendar says. :roll:

Coronavirus has arrived in Alaska. Only one case so far and they think it's still contained, but no one is taking any chances. They're shutting down schools and churches and any place or event that would involve a large crowd of people in close proximity. The state has set aside money to deal with a possible crisis, even though they're hurting for revenue now due to what is happening with the stock market and the price of oil, which accounts for most of the Alaskan economy. Hard times ahead, and no end in sight so far.

Apparently they found out that dogs can get it, but I wouldn't think that reptiles would be a risk. Adenovirus is bad enough, and Puff is isolated from all but his human slaves, so I suppose he's pretty safe. :) I'm home alone most of the time, but my husband is out dealing with people at his job. His employer is taking precautions so I hope we'll be okay.

Have a nice weekend if you can...

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 10:53 pm
by BlueDragon09

Been horribly busy, plus only want to be with my best friend. When corona is over he's visiting for a while. Tom invited him over and he's excited. He has everything ready so when he can, he's flying over. We have to wait for corona to stop being a thing before he comes over.

Jamie cannot mate with our boys. She has adenovirus. Not happening though we have resources for babies. We need a clean female before even thinking about breeding.

I didn't weigh Broly this week so we're going for next week.

Yeah, dogs can get it unsure about lizards. Idk for sure.
Im gonna finish my movie. My brain really doesn't keep up with what you have written. That's only because I can't remember. Oh well...Im gonna screenshot what you say eventually. Im gonna have to, I have horrible memory even if I look at the bottom to see your post.

It's depressing that my memory freaking sucks! Im about to get mad at that. My best friend will be up soon so he'll calm me down.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:03 pm
by SHBailey

That's cool that your friend is planning a visit. A long flight though. And the coronavirus thing is looking like it's not going to blow over anytime soon, so I hope he stays home and stays safe for now.

My husband's office is no longer open to the public, but they are still working a skeleton crew. He's using the time to do updates and maintenance on the computers and went to a different site today -- still within walking distance from home. (For him, not for me! :roll: ) So far so good. It sounds like they still have some work for him to do, but they are giving him the option to take some of his leave if he wants to. He'll continue to go to work for as long as he can though. He wants to save his leave for later in the season.

Puff is in the same boat as Jamie. My husband jokes about getting him a lady beardie, but I remind him that Puff is doomed to a life of celibacy because of the adenovirus. Besides, we do not have the resources to take care of a bunch of baby beardies anyway.

We always try to weigh Puff in between his bath (where he's likely to poop) and before his big meal on Saturdays, so we get as close to the "net weight" as possible, but sometimes we forget, and then when we remember we weigh him and make a note that it was after a big meal, etc. My husband charts his weight on the computer and he has a whole bunch of statistical analyses going on, including color coding the data points for weight depending on whether it was before or after a poop. Yeah, he gets carried away when it comes to stuff he can do on a computer.

Missing a weigh-in for one week probably won't put you too far off from what's going on with Broly. As I recall, his weight was pretty stable up to this point?

My memory isn't what it used to be either. I used to be able to memorize poetry and song lyrics without too much trouble, but nowadays I have to go over it and over it and then review it every few days or I eventually forget. The funny thing is, I can still recite poetry that I learned in the first grade, but sometimes I can't remember what someone said to me 30 seconds ago. It seems to be a sort of "first in - last out" system. And I hate to tell you this, but it usually doesn't get any better when you get older. But maybe it would be a blessing in disguise if you could forget the bad stuff and remember the good stuff, at least if it worked that way. :?

Our weather is finally getting warmer. A little snow, but it's melting fast now. Happy spring and happy weekend. :D

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:58 pm
by BlueDragon09

Im beginning to think I don't have time for this place.
I have a lot going on and we're letting dragons on the windowsill at least. Broly gained 13g so did Kane. Jamie gained 7.

Broly won't crap so that's something. Nobody is worried about it because we know why.

I already know my memory won't be any better. My mom doesn't remember a lot so. Im annoyed with this covid19 crap. I suppose it's because there's a lot of misinformation out there. Some people claim what's real and what isn't.
Im hearing its staying for 2 years.

No snow less rain and more sun but not warm.

My sister got laid off instead of skeleton shift. Oh well.

We don't care if we don't weigh for one week. We're not religiously weighing them. Idk if that makes sense...

Tom has been seeing me happier instead of checking the dragon site every hour to see something. Im spending more time with my friend since social distancing is a thing. He's asleep right now and Tom and I been playing Animal Crossing the new one and my friend doesn't have money but he likes computer games. Im trying to buy a game on steam so we can play something together.

I have to do something now. Im just too tired these days and I do try to respond but not always here. Im not checking frequently on here anymore. Idk it's more fun with a friend who instantly messages instead of waiting around. No offense but most places I go on is waiting on a reply. Instant messages hold my attention better.