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Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:48 pm
by BlueDragon09

Been really busy this time.

Broly's been trying to bite me! My hands don't smell any different and I don't hand feed. So either he's angry because it's too cold to leave his tank these days or hungry though he's fed everyday. I let him out but he has to eat soon. He's not trying to go at my hands now maybe he was pissed. He's watching tv and the window at the same time.

Been making friends on the app and cleaning up stuff.

No kids here so gotta make the drive to my parents.

Broly loves blueberries! He runs and gobbles them up he gets one or two a week. Apples of course, squash and carrots. He doesn't care for banana so that's good.

Sooo the gland is at it again. Now it's a CT scan next month.

I got an iphone 8 plus. Better phone as my 6 plus was getting enough of me. It's 4 years old but apparently four is a limit as the battery is running down low quickly than I would like.

I guess that's it...

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:25 am
by SHBailey

I hope Broly is ok. A change in behavior like that (biting all of a sudden) can sometimes be a sign of pain or illness. :? It’s a good thing you’re married to a vet – maybe your husband can figure it out. I hope you’re right that he’s just angry or hungry. You’re not by any chance wearing blueberry colored nail polish? Just a thought. I’ve heard stories of beardies going after fingers if the nail polish makes them look like bugs or berries. :lol:

I haven’t been making any new online friends lately. You’re about the only one I still correspond with. Almost all the other threads that I was following on this website have gone more or less inactive except for one that still sends me emails but says I’m not authorized to access it when I try to post a message. :( Something’s weird about that so one of these days I’m probably going to have to message one of the mods about it.

The only other social media I’m on at all is a local neighborhood thing that vaguely resembles FaceBook, and I haven’t been too active on that lately either. I just don’t seem to have the energy to keep up with all of it anymore.

Sorry to hear that the crazy procedure didn’t fix your gland. At least a CT scan is non-invasive as far as I know, except for maybe an injection of dye. If I understand correctly, it’s just an X-ray with delusions of grandeur and a little help from a computer. But you probably already know all of that better than I do.

Believe it or not, I still don’t have a cell phone. :oops: My husband talked me into a “Tracfone” (cheap service) but I didn’t get along with it, so he transferred the minutes to his iphone and plans to give away the phone that came with my service if he can find someone that wants it. :roll: He thinks I should have a cell phone but since I’m home most of the time within reach of the land line and the desktop computer, I don’t see the need. If we ever try again I’m going to go for a good old fashioned “flip phone” if I can even still get one by then. They’re probably becoming obsolete. But anyway, congratulations on your new iphone. :D

Puff is still hanging in there. We ran out of bugs in the middle of the week and I was planning on going to emergency rations with Repashy grub pie and a pinkie mouse tonight, but my husband decided to make a quick run to the pet store after work today, so hopefully he will get home early enough for a meal (both for him and for Puff). I want to make sure we feed Puff as many bugs as he wants every day or at least every other day, since his weight is down a little.

We almost skipped his bath last night because we got home late from my doctor appointment and my husband’s grocery shopping (I’m not much up to shopping anymore these days so he does it for us after I make the list), but we decided to squeeze it in because Puff hadn’t pooped for a while, and I’m glad we did because he was ready. If he hadn’t done it in the bath last night it would have probably ended up in his tank today, and it’s much easier to dump it down the drain than to clean it out from the tank. It’s nice to have him partially trained to do it in the water, but accidents do happen.

Have (I hope you’re having) a nice weekend… :)

PS This old desktop computer recently got a new solid state hard drive (little bitty thing) and a new operating system, and as a result I had some technical difficulties around posting this latest TLDR. Fortunately my husband was able to help me fix it. Being married to a professional computer wiz is almost as good as being married to a vet. :wink:

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:05 am
by BlueDragon09

I don't wear polish but yes a change in behavior is usually not a good sign. I can't say he's always like this.

The behavior is him just angry he's in his tank 24/7. He loves to explore and look out windows. He hasn't been getting much attention lately with everything going on. Tom did a check and felt around his body and no reaction. Tom rubbed his chin and looked in mouth no mouth rot or anything. Broly never liked his mouth being rubbed so of course he pulls away. We put him back in his tank and he stopped the behavior. Broly shows off anger! Nothing wrong with him this dragon shows off his emotions.

I don't go out much so no problem there. I do take vacations from my kids (animals) nothing too serious.

I didn't sleep till 530a so my brain probably has nothing in it right now. I thought I would just update Broly's weird behavior which is nothing. He's just disappointed that no one has time for him so he gets angry and tries to bite people. So we take him out once an evening (the only time we got) and he snuggles on me (he never does this!) and obviously he missed his humans. This strange behavior is him grabbing attention because as soon as you give him attention he does stop and resumes the normal behavior. I can't blame him being cooped for days on end would make me grumpy. We still feed him and stuff like that just October got busy for us.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:05 pm
by SHBailey

So it sounds to me like you and Tom have Broly’s problem figured out correctly. If he hasn’t been getting out of his tank and getting as much attention as usual, then he’s probably biting to get your attention, especially since you’ve ruled out just about everything else.

Broly and Puff are almost exact opposites when it comes to anger. Puff is mellow almost to the point of being listless, except for the black bearding and head bobbing when he’s hormonal, but that’s something entirely different and we haven’t seen that happen for over a year and a half now. He does put up a fuss when they want to look in his mouth at the vet’s. He HATES having his mouth forced open, but they can’t get him to open his mouth any other way. He only does it when he decides to do it himself – you can almost never slip a green leaf in there unless you sneak it in when he’s busy with a bug or some squash. :roll:

“Daddy” splurged and brought him some nice expensive hornworms last night. I didn’t give him a hard time for spending too much $ because Puff likes them so much. “Giant green squishy gummy worms,” as someone once called them. :lol: He ate them all plus a few other bugs, and then he wasn’t hungry today, so we will offer him some more bugs tomorrow, since his weight is still a little less than usual. Daddy also came home with 150 crickets, probably because the pet store didn’t have enough roaches, so we’re going to have a mess to clean up daily until the beardie reduces the cricket population. We prefer to get roaches when they’re available, but in Alaska you can’t count on a reliable supply of every kind of live bug you want, so sometimes we have to make do.

My husband cracks me up when he looks in the cricket container and says, “You guys are slobs!” :laughhard:

I haven’t been sleeping well either so my brain is fried too. Funny how much we often have in common. All for now... :wave:

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 1:14 am
by BlueDragon09

So I joined a discord sever for people with mental health and autism is on there. I met a lot of other disabilities, I know what bipolar is and schizophrenia but others I didn't know and I can't name them. I thought I was they are bad. They're worse off than me! These kids (mostly kids some adults there) are letting depression get the better of them. I came on and became a listener and help people with their issues. Oh man I can say's uh nothing I experienced. I did what I could and was thanked for my time.

Broly's so far remaining good attitude.

We got some silkworms and bsfl. The only one eating is Broly and geckos.

Im having thoughts that are not friendly right now. Im doing what I can to distract myself from it. I would ask for support but they would pretty much tell me the same thing. Distract myself from it. It's not me killing myself or anything like that it's just random unfriendly thoughts about someone. This happens sometimes not as often as it did as a teenager. It's silly because I know nothing will happen to him. My older brother lives in California so it's not like I can go check on him. He's asleep right now too. I have two brothers one older and younger and my younger brother is fine. Older one I don't see often but once a year. He's incredibly busy but makes time for me on Facebook messenger each night. Ok that felt good to get that out. I feel better now.

I need to go firmly tell my hamster to stop chewing on bars I played with her four times tonight and Im tired.
She's a donkeys butt LOL. Never satisfied always wants more. No wonder Tom and Paul hage ear plugs...she's sooo annoying. I need mine too.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:37 pm
by SHBailey

Good on you for helping other people with disabilities. I guess it can give you some perspective to find out there are other people who are worse off than you.

The way I describe bipolar as I experience it is that your “train of thought” turns into a bunch of little bumper cars and they all go wizzing around every which way (hypomania), and then when they try to line up into a train again, the “locomotive” runs out of steam (depression), and as a result, the train hardly ever gets very far.

I would have liked to try some silkworms for Puff, but a long time ago I gave up on finding anyone who ships them to Alaska. We did order some “Phoenix” worms (bsfl) for him once, but only once. My husband thought he didn’t like them but I think they were just too small for him to see, so I tried putting them in a pile so that, if his aim was off, he’d get one even if it wasn’t the one he was aiming for. The jury is still out about how much he liked the taste of them, but either way we didn’t get any more.

Glad you felt better to get out your unfriendly thoughts.

I don’t see my two sisters as much as I’d like to even though they’re both here in Anchorage. We’re just all wrapped up in our own lives and it seems that almost every time we try to get together, something gets in the way. Also, being bipolar makes it hard to plan anything. I never know what kind of mood I’m going to be in, but if I’m depressed, it’s best if I just stay away from people, exactly the opposite of what the so-called experts tell you about getting out and socializing and then you’ll feel better – doesn’t work for me.

We got the postcard from the vet saying that Puff is due for an exam and blood work, but I left a message asking if it’s advisable to wait until next spring since he seems to be doing well, but does have adenovirus. I hate to stress him out by taking him out of his home environment unless it’s necessary. They’re out of the office but they’re supposed to get back to me in a couple of days. No rush – it’s not due till December. They send the cards out a little early, probably to give you enough time to make an appointment.

If I was into betting, I’d be willing to bet that you love your hamster even if she does drive you nuts sometimes. :wink:

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 10:00 pm
by BlueDragon09

It's hard to help when they insist that you don't know how they feel or they feel they're giving up. I resigned from listener for now. I can't handle the stress of being told I don't understand when I have ocd too. I had a friend tell me that Idk how he's feeling...I have ocd so yes I do. Im so mad...I just said ok, he said I'll go talk to someone else. I didn't even respond. I just sat there staring at the screen like "whatever!"

Silkworms are ok. Bsfl are better but yes they are small.

Jamie and Kane two weeks now asleep. Broly sleeps between 6-8pm every evening. He's up every day all day to sleep in the evening.

I can't socialize during depression I have to stay out of the loop for a bit. It's not a fix for me either.

Tom checks out my animals so no postcards. They do send postcards if a pet dies.

Our hamster has been good lately. Im really tired tonight so not much to say right now.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 11:19 am
by SHBailey

Lots of people feel like no one understands them or they want to give up when they're depressed, so don't take it personal. It's probably good that you're taking a break from it all though.

I think I'm a little ocd myself, especially about constantly making sure that doors are locked. But the crime in my neighborhood has been increasing lately, so I don't really think that it's unjustified.

My husband set up a spreadsheet where he's keeping track of Puff's hiding and napping -- it was 100% of the days in June, but lately he's doing it much less with occasional short naps usually in the afternoon, now that the days are getting shorter at the rate of about 5 1/2 minutes per day. Go figure :? -- Puff seems to have his biological clock set for the southern hemisphere. But that hasn't been the case every year. Puff's biological clock is all weirded out. :roll:

Sounds like we're both in the same boat -- need to stay away from people when depressed.

Both our vet and my sister sent us sweet sympathy cards when Squirmles died (our corn snake). :cry:

I had left a message at the vet's for them to call back about whether Puff needs to come in this fall for blood work or if we can wait till spring, but in the meantime I discovered that the lump on his wrist is getting bigger again, so it looks like we're going to be taking him in sometime sooner rather than later to get that looked at again. One thing after another with this little worry factory :( ...

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:31 am
by BlueDragon09

Been a great Halloween! Got my family pretty good. My sister and I were good at this they didn't see it coming. Broly wasn't asleep so he came with us. We had our pet sitter stay for everyone else. I don't have a timer for everyone so someone had to turn on and off some lights.

We're also losing minutes each day. Idk by how much. I like the sun shining through the old leaves as they're browning.
Actually every tree here is just about finished. I got some plants asleep and others in a warm room. It's not hard to keep track of it all.

No vet visits here we're all done with that. Tom is the vet for everyone. Including cats and dogs. He studied hard to be a well rounded vet.

I went back to help people on the server after taking a break. I had to help a girl get over her suicidal mood as she was rejected by a guy she liked. That was rough! She was so angry at everyone including him and thought it would be better if she was gone. She's 17 years old so not too young but still I talked her out of it and she said she's better. She requests me every time she needs to talk.

Broly is 609g so 630 is his limit but with the bathroom breaks he has it won't be a problem giving squash. He doesn't even look fat.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 10:43 am
by SHBailey
Hi --
Glad to hear you had fun on Halloween (and Broly too?). :D

We had a quiet Halloween at home. No parties this year, and almost nobody ever trick or treats in this neighborhood so we don't expect them. :|

I don't use a timer for Puff's lights either. We had one and I tried it with Squirmles some years ago, but I didn't trust it so I went back to doing it manually. That means my husband and I have to remember to turn the lights on and off when it's time. We screw up once in a while but most of the time we keep him on a schedule of 12 hours on and 12 hours off year round. But he's near the largest window in the house so he can tell when the days get shorter or longer.

Most of the leaves have been knocked off of our trees by the wind, but no snow yet. It has been unseasonably "warm" this fall (40s in the daytime and 30s at night). We usually have snow on the ground by Halloween, so this year has been unusual with some rain and a little sleet, but no real snow except up in the mountains. But I like it when we get to ease into winter like this, instead of having a sudden cold snap or a big snow dump right at the beginning of the season. Of course, Alaska may still have a belated Halloween prank in store for us -- you never know around here.

My husband's beardie food gardening project is all done for the year so we're buying our greens at the store again.

That's good that Tom can take care of all kinds of critters. Some vets specialize in one thing or another. We only have 3 certified reptile vets in Anchorage, and Puff sees 2 of the best ones, although I have also heard good things about the other one. Puff has an appointment a week from next Saturday, probably for blood work and for sure a look at that thing on his wrist which seems to be getting bigger again.

It's good that you can help people. Teenagers (even older ones) are notorious for believing that the world is coming to an end when they have a breakup with someone they like. That's why some of the so-called experts advise people not to get too serious with anyone until they're a little older and wiser.

Puff's weight was down to 509 grams this last week, down from 530 or so since all that weight loss a year or so ago. I think his all time high was somewhere around 540-560, so he's probably not ever going to be fat. I'm getting a little concerned, but since he's seeing the vet soon, I'll try not to worry about it until then. It's probably still not a big deal unless he drops below 500. :?

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 10:22 am
by BlueDragon09

We had a busy October and November isn't any better.
Family from New York is coming for Thanksgiving, my younger brother has an appointment two days before.
My parents are pretty busy now too with Christmas coming next month.

No snow and unusually warm during the day with 60s/40s at night. Nights are cold but daytime isn't helping the just "put to sleep" plants. Ugh!

I told her to focus on school until she graduates and then worry about a boyfriend in college or whatever. She's almost out anyway she'll be 18 right before she graduates school. She seemed ok with the advice.

Jamie and Kane have 12/12 schedule. Broly still has 14...he's slow but awake, eating and using the bathroom (not every day like summer). He's eating has slowed down.

Hopefully you figure out Puffs issue. Broly is 604g! He'll 630 one day took him this long to even hit 600!

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 1:50 pm
by SHBailey

We don't have any definite plans for Thanksgiving yet (or as my husband likes to spell it, "Thanks Giving," so that people don't forget what the holiday is really all about :wink: ) or for Christmas either. My sisters and I always try to make an attempt to get together, but we usually don't manage much more than phone calls or emails. None of us has a big enough house to get the whole extended family together for a big dinner, so we usually end up not doing much. We're all getting old and we're not up to doing the big Christmas shopping and decorating projects or the big turkey dinner with all the side dishes anymore. But my sisters still have some young grandkids, so I suppose they try to do a little something for them.

We finally got snowed on pretty good all of a sudden, even though they were predicting a little "wintry mix" (rain and sleet) but it turned out to be real live SNOW and quite a lot of it too. Wham! :shock: -- it's winter now, never mind what the calendar says. And the local meteorologists have some explaining to do for thinking that they can predict the weather in Alaska. :roll: My sister says that after shoveling 18 inches of "partly cloudy" out of her driveway, she doesn't pay attention to the weather forecasts anymore. :P

My husband put the little collards and endives on a shelf in the "east arctic entry" which is open to the outdoors, so they've been frosted and have stopped growing, but they're still green although tiny. He took the mustard greens to work so they could stay indoors and stay warm because we didn't have any place to put them in the house. They were still growing and blooming and he wants to save the seeds for next year. I haven't heard how they're doing -- I'll have to ask him.

Puff had his appointment with the vet this last Saturday. All his labs are good -- white blood count and uric acid levels normal -- unusual for him. They did cultures and cytology on the goop that came out of the lump on his wrist, and found nothing to worry about, so he won't have to do any more of those grueling antibiotic injections for now. The doctor now thinks that the problem may be vascular, perhaps a little aneurysm or some such -- not big enough for him to bleed out, but enough to make a lump. We discussed surgical options, all of which would be invasive and not very viable, so we plan to continue to watch it and treat it again if it gets bigger. Fortunately, it doesn't seem hurt him -- he doesn't freak out if I touch it.

He's surrounded by soft stuff in his tank now, and the vet approves. The little klutz is going to have to get real creative if he wants to hurt himself again.

My husband set up a log in the computer and we've been keeping track of food, poop, attempts at brumation, etc, and charting his weight. We took printouts of the data to the vet and they kept it for his chart.

Puff will never be as big as Broly -- we'll be lucky if we can keep him from getting too thin. However, after that little trip to the vet and all those labs, Puff is now a solid 24 karat golden dragon. :mrgreen:

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 11:32 am
by BlueDragon09

Good Puff is fine.

The soft stuff...I remember having nothing but fleece blankets for Vash. I had to he was getting old at 8 yrs old we had to do nothing but blankets for bedding. He also passed stools in the bath so no messy blankets.

We have the mustards in our heated shed. Collards outside with the endive and we're having very cold nights now. Snow is on the way. It's officially winter nvm fall.

I love xmas and thanksgiving, we all staying in my parents six bedroom house. My sister will share her old bedroom with her son and husband, my aunt and uncle will share a room with their three kids (2 boys and 1 girl), my brother has his room to himself, and Tom and I share my old bedroom with Broly. Paul (Tom's cousin) will take the couch while extended stays in a hotel or lives in town. Huge family...yikes. We're doing ok...we're leaving on the 27th..Tom has work till then. Sick pets don't take breaks.

I had rough morning so my mind a bit frazzled. All animals are good I freak our easily if something doesnt work right away.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:37 pm
by SHBailey

So I'm trying to remember -- was Vash a bearded dragon or what? :?

It's nice when they poop in the water -- makes it a lot easier to clean up by just dumping it down the drain. Puff usually poops in his bath, but he does have accidents in the tank once in a while.

We got snowed on again yesterday, just as the previous batch of snow was melting off. And it's gotten colder for us too, more like how it's supposed to be this time of year. So we're almost sure to have snow on the ground for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You're lucky your parents have a big house where you can all get together for the holidays. :D My husband and I got a few things at Costo so we'll have a little something for Thanksgiving, but so far no definite plans to get together with family since at least one of my sisters isn't sure what she's going to be doing, and we haven't talked with the other one about it yet. One of my nephews just bought a new house and it's pretty big but we don't know his plans yet. He's a doctor and sick people don't take breaks either.

Puff found himself another way to freak me out -- last night was the first time I noticed him doing the eye bulging trick. I've heard of it but it sure looks weird the first time you see it. :shock: Looks like he's going to shed on one of his eyelids so that probably explains it.

His weight has also dropped a little below 500 grams, :( so we're going to be feeding him buggies every day whenever possible, instead of 4 times a week like we've been doing. Daddy splurged and got him some hornworms last weekend after the trip to the vet -- I agreed that he deserved a treat after getting poked with a needle a couple of times.

One thing after another. Not sure yet exactly what we'll be having for Thanksgiving dinner at this point, but Puff will be having roaches and squash and maybe crickets or worms. Greens are very iffy but we'll offer them to him at least. :wink:

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:54 pm
by BlueDragon09

Nothing much going on been home since yesterday.

Vash was a bearded dragon.

Thanksgiving was ok, had some drama online with a friend who I thought was a friend. Things were going well no ill feelings towards each other and after saying goodnight he removed me. I might have said something that was inappropriate at some point (Im autistic and it happens).
Oh well didn't let it affect me. Once removed I never see them again so whatever.

Broly still doesn't like turkey. What's funny is he ate turkey baby food in the past. I know it's for sick dragons but he really liked it. So it was used as a treat.

We all had a get together for Thanksgiving. Most family came over others we facetimed.

We had a storm on the 26th of November and it's going across USA so that's interesting. We had it first! Power didn't go out though.

Oh that's too bad about Puff. I hope you get it resolved. Hopefully more bugs is all he needs.
My dragon doesn't eat greens only sometimes. He hasn't been getting calcium or vitamin because he's not eating. Broly is feeling like brumation is coming. He eats a little bit. Tom has been syringing supplements. He doesn't get calcium MBD shows up just like if we had no uvb bulb. His MBD problem is aggressive without the right stuff. So before anyone says don't stress him with supplements, unlike other dragons he gets MBD rather quickly because he's inbred. Hes not asleep either so we're not waking him up for supplements. He's already awake just slown down and barely eating. It happens it's cold outside.