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Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:15 pm
by BlueDragon09

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! I had a pretty good one. I went to Philadelphia met some players not naming who in Philadelphia on Dec 23. It's not too important. Anyway, we're in the playoffs! I never screamed so loud! Wow...Redskins didn't get any points! What were they doing? Im not entirely sure how long Eagles will last. My friend who's a Bears fan and a huge trash talker says I'll lose to her team but says she loves me even if Im an Eagle fan. She'll trash talk a bit while I sit there and take it like a good friend then say I love you anyway Eagles fan. The worst part here is Im watching it at her house LOL. She'll definitely tease if she wins. I usually end her tease with "I hate you too" LOL. I am back home btw. Tom has the house to himself while Im at my Bears friend's house right now. I got really ill after eating dinner with her. She's been staying up with me...and I do love her but now she's driving me nuts LOL. I got food poisoning from the restaurant we went to apparently. Im in her bed with her (no Im married and she's straight) she just claims to watch me better just in case. She's not kids all she has is a dog. I never seen so much Bears stuff in one house LOL. Her bed has Bears LOL. Devoted fan indeed. We've been friends since high school and what we never knew was what football team we liked. We usually prank each's nothing serious it's harmless fun. She put plastic roaches in my food once I thought they were real and flipped out. I pranked her by putting plastic ants in her bed. We're adults so pranks are more extreme than bugs. When she gets mad she starts talking Japanese LOL. She's Japanese. I have to tell you later. This is already too long. Yes, she's really Japanese and likes American football. She understands what it is and decided to like Bears since high school. It was surprising to find out she moved up here to Oregon from Vegas as well.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:32 pm
by Beardymama33
I am glad you had a nice time (except the food poisoning) and that your friend is such a good friend! my husband lapses into arabic at the tiniest thing so i know the feeling! I got really busy and forgot to come on here and post. Picking fresh greens and stuffing them with calorie paste can take up time, on top of getting kidsready for school and fixing lunches, and other things around the house when i can, all on no sleep! and then this morning while feeding draconis reptiboost i noticed his gums and tounge were blue, being that i have a heart condition and that he was breathing fine i knew it was his heart. he was fine when i put him under his lamp to bask and moving about until around 5-10 minutes after the first three kids left for school. when i pulled him out and did all of the checks and stimulating points i knew he had passed. the best guess i have is that his brain tried to force a brumation but his heart was too weak to handle it so he had a heart attack instead of just going into brumation. their little hearts slow down considerably going into brumation and sometimes stop briefly then start but slower than when they are active. in some cases their heart doesnt start back up again. I made a post on it.... i will get another in a couple months or so but not one like him. ill just get a new fixture, bulb, and start a breeding colony of crickets while i mourn him. tjis time i might pick the most antisocial regular beardie!

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:22 pm
by SHBailey
So I’ve been out of the loop for a while too – I was hospitalized earlier this month. Back home now and getting back to “normal” (if there is such a thing).

Sorry to hear about Draconis, Beardymama. If he was trying to go to sleep and brumate, then hopefully he didn’t suffer.

So I guess we’ve got the Patriots vs the Rams for the Super Bowl. We don’t have any plans to watch it with friends so far, but I suppose I’ll root for the old home team if we do. I used to live in LA. I don’t suppose that I can rightfully call myself a “fan” compared to you guys. Maybe I can only just say that the Packers are my favorite football team. Admittedly, they didn’t do too well this last year. Maybe next year. I’m glad the Eagles won the game you went to. It’s always extra fun when your team wins.

“Daddy” took excellent care of Puff while I was gone. He’s about as healthy as can be expected with the adenovirus, and even then some. :)

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 4:13 pm
by BlueDragon09

I haven't been on since the first of January...

Broly is now 4 years old (since Jan 14) and I have been really busy.

Broly looked as if he was going potty and only got out a urate...Im thinking "ok weird, usually comes with a crap sample." I guess he didn't have to go, just "pee" technically. Anyone who owns a beardie knows urate is like pee. He's eating greens and almost coming out of his slow down though he never really sleeps during winter. He also went potty well too. He never eats greens but I always keep them in his bowl. He'll eat squash, apples, grapes and carrots. Bugs obviously.

So my frog thought was male turned female. I got seven tadpoles that are turning into frogs. One boy has a humpback. Idk what happened. He seems happy and he eats. African dwarf frogs aren't known to be aggressive so I don't think it was his siblings. Parents eat eggs and babies they're not parental but not them who hurt their son. They hurt him..he's eaten.

Aw, that's sad about Draconis. Broly is anti social though I socialized him as a hatchling and juvenile. Idk what happened. He's 4 and he wants the human to do is give food/supplements/water and window time oh and don't forget pick up his mess. He doesn't like outside all that much though natural sun is great. I can't even be in the sun more than 15 mins without getting skin cancer anyway. Not really allowed in the sun like most people. I gotta cover up my skin after 15 mins. Glad I have bunny hutch for the dragons. I have to sit under a tarp. I think he tolerates me.

Sooo...what was thought to be food poisoning...wasn't. It was salmonella We had to go to the ER Jan 2 at 4.30am. It was horrible. Ran a fever apparently my food was contaminated with that crap.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:33 am
by BlueDragon09

Today is wind storm from 1p-4a so yeah an update. Im already having ptsd (is that how it's abbreviated...?)

I have my 10 week kittens...I swear if anyone comes with cat hate...just get off. Im pretty smart with dragons, hamster, hedgehog, guinea pigs and an African grey parrot.
Im pretty sure I know what Im doing. Nobody is hurt and you will still never see me on the health/er forum. Im not in a good mood and will probably get banned for S I will say to you. Be reasonable if you want a peaceful conversation. Otherwise just go! I already lock Axel and Roxas out of my room when my dragons are out. Do you hate my service dog too? Im just asking, he's well behaved for a service dog. He's not trained to hurt/kill my pets.

Anyway, now you know what's up between cats/dogs and prey animals.

Broly's up,not eating, too crazy and wants my female. I know it's normal (really tired of being treated like a dang newbie). Im not new...Im just saying, it's not here it's in real life this is why I don't converse with humans. I had dragons for 14 years so like seriously.
Jamie parades herself in front of him, Broly bobs at everything not just her. Even snow!

Jamie cares less, she eats and uses the bathroom.

Kane is good too. He already got through his spring fever.
He'll eat everything in sight.

My scorpion is well and pretty much the star of my insect friends. I have my preying mantis too.

I've been playing kingdom hearts 3. I have lots of stress that I can take out right now but I don't I bottle it up. Hurting is illegal. I do go to the shooting range too, shooting cardboard. Maybe I do let it out...I gotta go learn my fav anime song on guitar. A beautiful blue electric guitar custom...not gonna say what animal is on'll want is too much energy I can't do it. Depression is already enough energy thanks. I used to come on almost every day...lately you notice I post rarely now. That's because depression has been taking over, wont say I cut because I don't though a few times I have. Im finding healthier ways of dealing with it. Music is one, I just pick a playlist and go to sleep with it. It's ok, no need to worry if anyone even reads this. Idk. Maybe.

Wind comes early for us...Im already having a panic attack...I really hate wind. Well that's gonna have to be dealt with.