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Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:04 pm
by Beardymama33
BlueDragon09 wrote:Hey,

Cute pix! I love building.

I noticed I can draw Venom! My first time ever. I suck at drawing anyone with muscles. I actually did really good. Im gonna draw muscles more often.

I realize my lack of posts and really lacking on pictures! Broly's 3 and you hadn't seen him since he was 1. I usually email pictures and probably the only way you'd see him.

Oh my toothache is back because I have parotitis again! A bit of swelling in my cheek. Apparently another crystalized saliva stone. I wonder if I have crystals in my saliva that keeps creating the stone in my salivary gland.

Broly finally eats greens. I noticed he likes blueberry and strawberry. I tried the berries yesterday and he loves them! I won't give a lot. Maybe once a week. I forgot today was cricket day...Broly got them anyway. Kane and Jamie woke up for crix too. They ate and slept under their basking light. Now they're in their hides.

So my frogs are still going strong. My 1 yr old with the "bubble" on his chin figured he can put his nose down and lunge for food. Yeah he scrapes the cancer but it's not bleeding. He gained his weight back.

Im hoping to see Dr Who with my mom tonight. We're seeing Halloween next weekend...

Im rooting for my boys the Eagles! Since Im "sick" with parotitis I get to eat what I want. I may not though...Im not a fan or chili. I can't even eat it I get stomach issues. Im ok without problems. I already got a terrible toothache thanks to parotitis. I took pain meds for it. Im gonna watch the rest the game.

@SueAnn yes my hand has healed up fine with the raw and unfiltered honey. It's not pasteurized it's raw and unfiltered so it's the real thing. Worked for my water frogs too. One cut his back and his skin has healed no issues. He's been released back into the tank.

Its actually a full on castle with a complete sleeping chamber and battlements.... i may have gotten a bit carried away but it makes him happy!! You might try a nice honey, ginger, and mint tea to help keep you from getting sick AND get rid of the bad stuff when you are sick. also, clove powder or clove oil works wonders on a toothache. As for the eating anything you want thing.... id go for the chilli because the peppers in it are great at kicking illness related issues in the butt!! :D As for the lack of pics it is ok, also if you want to email me you can pm me and ill give you mine and we can exchange pics and other things if you want to just talk!
BTW i never really got into the new dr who series, i prefer the older version of it AND im really into star trek right now. :D I am also glad to hear that the littly froggy healed, it is hard to get them to heal properly due to the thin skin issue so you did a great job getting the little one to heal!!

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:44 pm
by BlueDragon09

I'll PM you next time Im on.

Updates: my two dragons are asleep. Broly's up running around. Eating and passing stools. He's still taking enzymes or else his stomach will get messed up and start having diarrhea with undigested food items.

My 10 gallon is busted somehow it can't keep a cycle. I know it's the filter. I have moved my 5 African dwarf frogs with my guppies. The frogs usually love a species only tank because fish are fast with food. I got target feeding down. The frogs dart up into my hand and eat (still slightly in the water). Normally you do not touch them like fish. My guppies are fast little fish so I did what I had to do. Once they lick (so to speak) they jump back in the water. My 20 gal ( guppies tank) and my 150 saltwater both have their cycles. The 10 gal getting on my nerves I don't have money for another filter to fix the BS.

Im on my "month" I have learned you don't have to hide this. It's natural and yes many consider TMI...did you know girls shouldn't have to hide it like it's some kinda satanic thing. Im totally open...I mean cmon we talk about dragons bodily functions why can't humans too? I suppose dragons are more appealing than human. Im open about stuff either deal or don't read that simple. I don't go into great detail no worries. Im on it that's it.

I finally saw the new Halloween!! Im a lover of horror and of course I like all of them. Even Happy Death Day Im definitely seeing the second one. October is my month to get demented just a bit. I love scary so I created some stuff like that. I have orange skull lights on Broly and Kane's tanks. Kane asleep so he doesn't give a flying rats butt. Broly however tries to eat them (don't worry he can't).

My mantis egg hatched (yes I bought an egg). Baby mantis are sooo cute. Hmm, maybe they can live in the 10 gal.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. My Eagles don't play this week. I root for my brother's team, Ravens and my dad's Seahawks.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:57 pm
by SHBailey

So we had a quiet Halloween at home as planned -- no trick or treaters and no horror movies, but the Nova episode that we watched was gruesome enough -- about ancient bodies they've found in bogs that were apparently the victims of human sacrifice -- the darker side of our Celtic heritage. My husband and I both have Scottish and Irish ancestry, along with other European stuff.

And it's been my turn to miss the last couple of Dr Who episodes -- I've been getting sucked into my husband's infamous Sunday afternoon genealogy binges, and he landed us in 17th century Scotland with a stopover in colonial America on the way back, but couldn't quite get me back to 21st century Alaska in time for the show. It seems that there may be more than one "time lord" who can't always get his "TARDIS" to drop his passengers off where and/or when they want. :wink: :lol:

Oh well. Maybe they'll run a Dr Who marathon for one of the holidays one of these days and I'll get a chance to catch some of the reruns I've missed.

So you and I are both Trekkies, Beardymama? I love all the Dr Who stuff, old and new, although I've never been able to see them all (at least not yet), and I also love all 5-6 of the old Star Trek series, including the animated one, even though it didn't last very long. I haven't been watching the new Star Trek series though -- I'm "old school" -- you buy your TV set and set up some sort of an antenna, and then just as long as you're willing to sit through 20 minutes of commercials for every 40 minutes of actual program, you're done shelling out just for the privilege of watching the show. Now I've got cable TV because the digital converter and the cheap rabbit ears weren't getting it, so I'm already paying too much for telecommunications access -- I refuse to pay more for content, not even if it's Star Trek or Dr Who. I'll take pot luck with whatever I can watch on TV or over the internet for no additional subscriber fees above and beyond what I'm already paying.

Sorry. I guess that was a bit of a rant. I'll see if I can get down off my soapbox now. :oops:

I hope you can keep enough of your tank filters running to keep all your fish and amphibians healthy, Kami. And I can't imagine Broly trying to eat the skull lights. That must be pretty funny to watch. Probably just as bad as Puff going after computer cables and yarn, thinking it's worms. :roll:

I didn't know that you could buy mantis eggs. Can you get them at pet stores or do you have to order them from the internet?

I agree that it's healthier for women to be able to talk about the monthly stuff rather than keep it a big secret, even though mine isn't monthly anymore. I guess I'm pretty lucky that I got through menopause without any major problems (so far) and didn't have to take hormones or anything. I just got fat, and like you say, it's natural. Fat makes estrogen, so you don't worry about gaining weight and you don't need to take hormones. :wink: At least, that's how it worked out for me. Everyone is a little different.

I haven't been following football this year. We have some friends that used to invite us to their Super Bowl watching party, but they haven't been able to do it for the last 2 or 3 years because they've been taking care of aging parents. It was fun while it lasted because everyone would root for their favorite team, but no one ever got ugly about rooting against the other guy's favorite team. I liked it that way. :blob5: :blob8: So I wish the Eagles a good season.

Puff's weight has dropped a little bit so we've been letting him make a pig of himself and we're all out of bugs. "Daddy" is doing the run to the pet store after work tonight, and hopefully they'll have some fresh ones. Sometimes the shipping to Alaska is unreliable, but that's what the Repashy Grub Pie is for.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:42 pm
by BlueDragon09

My Eagles are 4-4 so they're very equal. We're losing 6-3...
I hate Dallas no offense to Dallas fans! I like most people but right boys are not making me great. Idk what they're dad would probably say "letting them win". As with every team I always trash them. I really really hope they lose like hell. Haha I should have been waiting because apparently that's my team. As far as I know week 10 and not great of a season but no knocking till January when playoffs begin.

Broly gave up he doesn't eat the skulls. I took them down and put up xmas lights on my window. Broly doesn't know what to think. I also found dark spots on Broly's side knowing we have non fungal lizards it can't be that. So I looked under him and found a shed going from under his neck to belly. So almost whole underside shedding. It's already yellow. They connect to the dark spots. It looked weird at first.

Im really behind on Dr Who all I saw was episode 2. Im also behind on Will & Grace too so obviously Im not too keen on keeping up. I just catch up one episode at a time when I can.

Mantis eggs were at a home and garden store. It's cold now so not anymore. They were selling them. Im keeping them all. They are growing well and eating fine.

Im not really keeping the 10gal anymore. I have only two tanks. My 20 and 150. Frogs have moved in with the guppies. My 10 has an anole after cleaning it up. No he's not staying in there. I will upgrade him. He's not mine anyway...somebody lost him as anoles are not native here.
10 gal is a holding tank for an animal sick/lost.

It's healthier to say periods or whatever else. One thing I wouldn't talk about is stools unless it's animal related. Im not good there either I have the worst digestion system. I was born with it. I have to take colonoscopy quite regularly. I do take fiber supplements and bromelain.

Oh well, I don't have much to say. Im braindead at 742pm.

Maybe next time.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 6:20 pm
by SHBailey

I have noticed that even the most experienced of us beardie slaves can still get a good scare from a weird looking shed once in a while, especially the ones on the underbelly that you don't usually see. What tipped me off with Puff one time was when I picked him up and he crackled and rustled like he was wrapped up in tissue paper or dry leaves, and when I looked underneath it looked like he was wearing a little shabby T-shirt. :lol:

Right now he's a mess -- left foot, right side, half of his head, and his tail has been a shedding disaster for a long time now. But if I see a scale that looks like it's hanging by a thread and try to help it along a little, he notices and gets annoyed, so at least I know he's still got feeling in his tail, and the vet's not worried about it. She says she's seen worse. He usually tolerates shedding pretty well, except that the eyes drive him nuts. We both worked all afternoon on an eyelid shed the other day -- he was rubbing it all over everything and I helped it along a little, very carefully and very gently. I was a little worried about his eye up until then, but now it looks nice and clean so I know it was just a shed. More shedding left to do, but at least he seems more comfortable now.

I lucked out with Dr Who last Sunday -- BBC America ran a "catchup marathon" in the middle of the day while my husband was at church, so I got to watch most of the last two episodes that I had missed, except I missed the first half of one of them because I didn't find out about it soon enough. Then I missed the latest one on Sunday evening, so will have to keep an eye out for my next chance with reruns. I'm loving it so far whenever I get the chance to see it.

My mother called it "The Curse," but I will always be grateful to her for the good education I got at home about such things, especially after hearing a number of horror stories from friends about how much they didn't know by the time they needed to. I knew what was going to happen long before it happened to me, so I wasn't afraid when it finally did. My only beef with my mother was that she had her own words for things and didn't teach me the proper terminology, but that's ok -- I got good sex education in the California public schools too, and eventually all that got straightened out. ("Mom, I told one of my little friends [in about the 3rd grade] that she couldn't get pregnant until she gets the curse, and she didn't know what I was talking about." "Oh, no, dear -- tell her she has to menstruate first." "You never told me there was another word for that..." etc.) :roll:

Yeah, I go braindead when I get tired too -- I hate it when that happens. :banghead:

Looking forward to another weekend of sloppy weather -- typical for Alaska this time of year. :mrgreen:

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:26 pm
by BlueDragon09

After dealing with Alucard (RIP bud) anything that looks weird is terrifying! He had too much going on and shouldn't have been shipped to me ill. The lady I had to tell that her clutch had yellow fungus was no picnic. She freaked out as much as I did. I did get my money back. Idk what happened after I told her. I can't make her go to the vet. She seemed concerned about the hatchlings because one has it they all do.

Broly came from a pet store (Petco). You never know if a beardie had yellow fungus before getting your dragon. One could have it and someone took it home so you don't know.
I did wait the 2-3 weeks for any fungal infection to come up. Broly was clean after the fourth week (I waited extra). Vet was awesome...they checked him for clean bill of health. He does get annoyed with vets poking and prodding.
Kane came from a local breeder. No adeno or fungal. The breeder that had Kane tested for adeno and his pair was negative.

Broly's a mess too. His underside and part of his back leg (under knee) and foot (up to toes). He's very grumpy.
I still have to watch episode 3 of Dr Who. Eventually, I will get to it.

It's going to rain soon and it will be typical weather for us till June. So gotta wait it out not a fan of rain/wind.

My parents never said it was a curse. They treated it like it was totally natural. I got my first when I was 10 yrs old. I stayed home that day because I was freaking out, crying. I didn't understand though they were trying to tell me at the same time congratulating me on becoming a woman now. I was 10...I was nowhere near ready to be a woman Im still a kid...I watched cartoons and power rangers back then. At age 12, I knew what was happening once I felt stomach cramps every month. I got quick and put a pad on and took pain killers. Age 14, I tried tampons...I didn't like it inside me. I felt so weird and never ever got used to it. I got used to the cup though that also goes inside. It's called a diva cup or something. I wash it out often on my month and also after then put it in a plastic sandwich bag. Nobody touches it. So I wear a cup and pad just in case but I dislike pads.

So yes, my Eagles lost because of course...we're in the hunt for the playoffs. I think we're wildcard...Idk. Im not gonna say anything. Here's to hoping.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:00 pm
by SHBailey
I still count myself lucky that I've never had to deal with the dreaded yellow fungus, although adenovirus is no picnic either.

At the moment, Puff looks like someone splashed bleach all over him, and if I didn't already have some experience with shedding, I'd probably be really worried. But we seem to be making a little bit of progress -- finished up with a nostril shed on one side yesterday, but lots more to go. That's the least of my worries right now. He lost more weight this last week, and we've got an appointment with one of his vets a week from Saturday -- feeding him extra bugs in the meantime.

I don't think my mother believed it was literally a "curse" either -- that was just what she called it. She was borne in 1918 (would have been 100 this year if she was still alive), and that was what a lot of people called it back then. I got mine right on schedule one week after my 12th birthday, and I think my mother was proud that her youngest daughter had "become a woman," but I still watched cartoons too. I believe that if you can't enjoy cartoons anymore, then you haven't grown "up", you've grown "old." :wink: Heck, I still like cartoons and superheroes and Dr Who, even though I've missed it again the last couple of Sundays. Will have to wait for the next batch of reruns to catch up.

I never used tampons either. I was ok with the pads, although I knew about the cups but never tried them. My sister told me a horror story about a friend of hers that went to her gynecologist because she was having some pain, and discovered that she had forgotten to remove her last tampon and it had been in there for about 3 weeks. So the gynecologist pulled out the scuzzy tampon -- problem solved. No thanks, because I figure I'm scatterbrained enough to do something like that. :roll:

I did a little googling and found out that your Eagles and my Packers have about the same standing this year in their respective divisions, so we'll see what happens. I haven't been watching any football this year so far because it's only fun for me if I have someone else who enjoys it to watch it with, and my husband isn't really into it, so probably the only way we'll end up watching any of the games this year is if we get invited to watch them with some friends. That may be possible, because we do have a few friends that are much more avid football fans than we are.

Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. We're not planning anything special -- I just don't have the energy to cook the big turkey dinner anymore. But we have lots of roaches for Puff. :mrgreen:

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:45 am
by BlueDragon09

Broly's shedding his dark ares are white. He did lose 16g and I don't see/feel bones are sunken fat pads he's fine. No black bearding. I expected the weight loss he hasn't much it's cold. He finally ate today.

I would watch football with you! Even if Packers vs Eagles.
My team
My babies...Eagles. They're not playing like champions. The NFL people call them defending super bowl could they say that?! They're not proving much. My brother calls it super bowl hangover. It's been 11 weeks...(week 9 Eagles had off). They're losing more than they win (4-6) yup 6 losses.

Oh yeah...high wind warnings are back! Ugh...luckily it doesn't say northern Oregon. Im in south right now with my parents, Tom's parents and my sister's husbands parents. My aunt and uncle are coming later. The wind will be in southern Oregon. Hoping it's really not over in the north and expect to see my filter running on my fish tanks. Someone is stopping by to feed my animals and clean any crap in my gecko tanks.

I use the diva cup and I heard it's good for 12 hours but I take mine out every 8 to avoid TSS...toxic shock syndrome. It's when you leave a tampon in for over 8 hours. I have two cups so I can switch while washing the other out.

Thanksgiving is usually crazy and loud over here. My dragons are very curious when people get loud. We are super loud during football and there's a lot of that.
My lazy butt need to watch Dr episodes 3-6. Im so slow.

Hope you have a nice quiet one.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:18 pm
by BlueDragon09

It's been a while. I have a lot going between ordering gifts online to shopping in town.

I also had to visit the dentist as well because my teeth was hurting. Well they still are...I had a check up only. They discovered gingivitis so also taking care of that making my life more busy. I honestly thought I took good care of my teeth to avoid the gum disease.

My Eagles aren't going anywhere and that's ok. Nobody can take super bowl 2017 away from them! They won that! I call it by the year. Someone else has 2018. Im thinking Rams vs Patriots.

Dragons only get fruit for xmas. They have uvb that lasts till February and pretty stocked up on basking halogens. Tanks are big enough. Nice logs and branches.

I have to upgrade my leo geckos and gargoyle tanks. We lost our tokay to old age. One less gecko friend now...

Our skinks are doing well and big tanks for them.

Kane and Jamie woke up for good (been asleep since early September and tend to sleep 3mths). Idk why I didn't change anything.

Broly's sluggish because well he's slown down. Not much going on.

African dwarf frogs singing at night so that's soothing to hear when you're sleeping. If you don't know what they sound like, look it up.

Guinea pigs are they happiest when I walk into their room.

My hamster (who we believe is a bit psycho) loves attention all night...unfortunately we can't play with her all night long. Tom's hedgehog can care less whar we do.

Our handicapped cat, Dewey also passed away...we still have his brother...they're inside cats. One handicap cat and another dealing with cancer. He's getting weak...we have to put him down today. We're getting kittens though..when the time is right. I haven't been very happy this past week. A lot has gone on and Tom took CJ down to the vet..and told him goodbye.

Everyone has been taken care of though bouts of crying has happened more. Now before anyone says "better off without cats..." I already know what they do...can do. I have SAFE tanks for all the reptiles! They cannot and will not be around when any reptile/rodent is out. Rodents are safe too.

My dogs (one service, one pet) pretty much keep the cats in check when we had them. I get the cats for them. They'll like keeping kittens in check. My service dog always let me know when the cats were getting too close for comfort. Safe tanks they still tried. My dog is pretty good at keeping them away. He literally sits in the reptile room and barks at them. He sleeps in there too. He's on guard (can't spell it Im sorry) 24/7.

Before depression hits (not pretty when it does) Im gonna go drown it in guitar playing. Probably some Metallica or Iron Maiden. I have acoustic and electric guitars..probably play acoustic version as my electric needs to be worked on.

Have good holidays everyone.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 6:39 pm
by SHBailey
Sorry I've been out of the loop for so long. Alaskans tend to go into hibernation this time of the year, but in my case I can't blame it on Christmas shopping. Call me Scrooge :oops: , but I try to stay out of the stores until the craziness is all over. :wink:

One of my oral hygienists once told me a horror story about a couple of clients she had -- the wife took impeccable care of her teeth and the husband totally neglected his teeth, and the wife ended up with periodontal disease but the husband's teeth were fine. The moral to the story is that even if you take the best care of your teeth possible, it's no guarantee that nothing bad will happen. But that being said (she was NOT trying to imply that taking care of your teeth is not important; no self-respecting oral hygienist would ever do that :mrgreen: ), you've reminded me that I've been doing a really lousy job flossing lately and I need to get back in the habit. And BTW, the only way I managed to get in the habit of doing it at all in the first place is to wash and save the used floss, and then I get to crochet with it. Probably one of the silliest behavior modification strategies you've ever heard, but hey, it worked. :lol:

Too bad we've got a couple thousand miles of Canada in between us so that we can't pop over to each other's houses and watch football and/or Dr Who together. I'd root for the Eagles along with you even if they were in last place, unless they were playing the Packers, of course. But even then, I wouldn't root against your team or anyone else's -- I'm not that kind of football fan. Rams vs Patriots would be ok with me. I'd probably root for the Rams because I used to live in LA, but I wouldn't have my heart set on it. I'd be happy for either one.

I don't know how Puff would react if we had a houseful of rowdy football fans on Superbowl Sunday. Loud voices don't seem to bother him as long as he's in familiar surroundings. I may have said before that I can talk a blue streak at my husband while I'm cuddling him at bedtime and it doesn't seem to wake him up -- not unless something makes me laugh and I end up bouncing him around. Not enough room in here for a Superbowl party of our own though -- barely enough for the two of us to watch TV together.

I also need to order some more UV tubes and maybe another fixture around the end of this year. All of my sleek fancy Zoo Med fixtures have shorted out at the point where the power cord attaches to the casing. They are poorly designed and poorly packaged. So we tried this cheap little thing with a detachable cord. Bare minimum design to hold the ballast and the tube -- nothing fancy or extra, but it has a good reflector and cranks out the UV according to the meter, and my husband says the power cord has a fairly standard, although not common, connector and could be replaced if necessary, so we're probably going to get another one for a spare, and it's always good to have at least one new tube waiting in the wings for backup. Puff probably won't know the difference for Christmas. It will probably be a quiet day at home, and his Christmas feast will probably be the usual -- roaches, maybe crickets, butternut squash, as many bites of greens as "Daddy" can slip in his mouth whiles he's chewing on the other stuff, and hopefully some Repashy Grub Pie -- I need to make up some more of the gel and probably order some more of the powder.

It sounds like your reptiles already have everything they need, so fruit treats for Christmas are probably just fine and something they'll enjoy if they like it. Puff has never liked fruit, so I haven't tried to push it. We're lucky if we can get the little carnivore wannabe to eat any veggies at all. :roll:

Sounds like your hamster is totally tame now -- too bad she's nocturnal. I think I'd forgotten that you had guinea pigs too. You guys have quite a family of critters, but I'm so sorry to hear about your gecko and your cats. I know you took good care of them and gave them the best life possible. And I'm not going to tell you not to get any more cats, because I know that you can have cats in the same house with other critters as long as you're as careful with them as you are. I've never had cats and reptiles at the same time (since we became reptile people because my husband is allergic to cats, and if they ever retest him and find out he's not allergic anymore, we might even consider getting one...) but before I was married I had 2 cats, 2 ferrets, and a gerbil, and no one ever drew blood, even though the cats and the ferrets played with each other pretty rough sometimes. I kept them all separate from the gerbil, and I separated the cats from the ferrets whenever I wasn't able to supervise them. So I agree with you -- it can be done with cats and other multiple species, although there are a number of others on these discussion forums who would probably disagree with us. That's ok -- it's up to you to get kittens whenever you and Tom decide that the time is right.

"Before depression hits ... I'm gonna go drown it in guitar playing." I think I'm going to have to print that out and stick it on my fridge or on a mirror or something. You are wiser than I am and you've got yourself one heck of a good coping skill there. -- Because speaking of depression, I've been down for the count for like the past 3 weeks, but for no apparent reason other than that Alaskan thing that some people call "seasonal affective disorder" which I'm not sure if I really have, because I can get depressed in the middle of the summer too. In my case, no one has died, and Puff is not quite as sick as he was this last spring according to his last checkup, although he's lost some weight again. His blood tests were all fairly normal, all things considered, but he got some more iron and B12 and has another follow up appointment after Christmas. So as long as I don't think about the idea that he may be the last little critter that my husband and I will ever be able to have, I've got no reason to be depressed. But I spent most of the last 3 weeks binge-watching old Star Trek reruns (BBC America's fault for not putting on another Dr Who catch up marathon so I could watch the new ones I keep missing on Sunday evenings, although they are hinting at one around Christmastime) and playing stupid card games with our computer on the local hard drive (maybe I should get into xbox? At least I'd be interacting with other people) -- totally non productive. Couldn't make myself do anything else. Now I don't have a guitar (at the moment), but I do have a nice $2 recorder flute and a 30 year old electronic keyboard that still works, and music does usually make me feel better, so why didn't I... well, you get the picture.

Some big box guitar store from the lower 48 is supposed to be moving in to the latest reincarnation of our distressed local shopping mall, which is also being taken over by some outfit from outside Alaska, and there is the usual talk of them driving many of the little local "mom-and-pop" stores out of business, but I'm seriously considering being a very bad disloyal Alaskan and going over to the "dark side" to check out the "evil" new guitar store when it finally opens up here. If I can get a nice basic 6-string acoustic guitar, decent quality, nothing fancy -- I might go for it. I'd rather not order it off the internet because I'd kind of like to "try it on and see if it fits" -- it's been a long time since I had one.

Puff has a new trick -- or maybe an old one that I haven't been paying enough attention to lately. Usually in the middle of the day (well after his good morning cuddle and long before "Daddy" comes home from work and gives him his bath) he starts bouncing off the walls and head bobbing at me. A little while later, he plops a nice big sloppy one somewhere in his tank. So apparently, he is quite capable of letting me know when he has to go to the bathroom. There usually isn't time to fill his tub up with water and get it the right temperature -- that and I can't always tell the difference between "Get me out of here I have to go to the bathroom" and "Get me out of here I want to run around the house and get into mischief" (which is not an option). But today I put him in the empty bathtub and gave him a little belly massage, but apparently it doesn't work without the warm water. So I finally put him back in his tank, but with a paper towel under him, and guess what I found on the paper towel a little while later? :roll:

My husband has been wondering if we could train him to poop in the upside down frisbee that we use for a water dish (he never drinks out of it, but it probably helps with humidity), because it would be easy to clean up -- dump it down the drain and wash the frisbee, just like we do with the bathtub (a storage bin made out of a similar type of shiny plastic).

Maybe there's potential here? He can tell me when he needs to poop, but so far he's unwilling and/or unable to do it when and where I want him to. I can understand "unable" (I'm not young anymore either :wink: ) But maybe we could work on "unwilling?" So if you were ever successful in potty training any of your beardies, I'd be interested in any suggestions you might have. I do know that you have to be consistent, and that may not be something I can manage in my situation, but the goal would be to have a designated place in his tank (such as the frisbee with water in it) where he could go when we're not around to give him a bath. He does often go "downstairs" because he doesn't like to mess up his basking platform, but not always. And BTW, I do understand that even if you can get a beardie potty trained, you should never expect perfection. :wink:

The worst thing about letting so much time pass between posts is that it makes for really bad TLDRs :oops: --Sorry about that. If I can stay out of depression for a while, maybe it won't be so long between the next ones. Meanwhile, hope you have a nice weekend and some fun getting ready for Christmas, even though I know you're missing some family members this year, and so hard to lose them all at once, too. I hope you have lots of good memories of them.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:29 pm
by BlueDragon09

Haha Im not that wise. I just been playing for 10 years, it's a long process even if you can understand on your own.
My first frustrated! I didn't understand anything. It didn't sound like anything I heard.

Yes, quite a few do not like cats and may disagree. I don't care what they say. You just gotta be smart with hunt and prey animals in the house. A friend had her cat outside and pregnant now she gave birth and there's kittens available in 4 weeks. She's reserving two males. Yup, she's irresponsible letting her cat out not fixed. She'll get her fixed now. Beautiful cat though. So in 4 weeks now we will have kittens. Disagree all you want cat haters. Im getting cats because Im smart and never will let them near reptiles/rodents. I have rodents too and cats so you have to give me props. Obviously very very smart about a preventative attack from cats. I mean people who post about cats attack reptile...obviously wasn't very smart about preventing. You never see me on the forums saying my cat attacked my reptile. NEVER. Anyone can agree with that. Im not calling anyone dumb but cmon it's easily avoidable. Done it 13 years no problems with cats and reptiles. I can't believe my friend was so Im sorry but stupid for letting out her unfixed cat...I found out two weeks later she has kittens and getting them in four weeks. People who let this easily happen to their reptile and cat there just watching/waiting for human to leave...shouldn't own cats and reptiles together in one house. My opinion.

Yup, brother never flosses yet he's good.
Same with my parents and sister. Why me? Wtf! I floss every night and morning...every freaking day. I seen pics of it...I didn't think that was my issue but it is. My gums hurt to brush and floss. It burns...D: I hate gingivitis...stupid Mfer...

Im pretty salty with three deaths two weeks. We figured the gecko I mean he was 17. He stopped eating and laid in his potty...he never did. Very old.
Dewey was pretty good at hiding his pain...this was a cat who laid around because his leg that healed backwards. It was mangled...he came to me that way he had kidney failure. His brother CJ was high strung and would kill anything in his path, except the chinchilla...weird I know. At that time,I knew he wasn't right. Took him in big mother F'n tumor in his stomach. Food was untouched as well as water. The vet said it spread so we let him go. Tom's been in our room very quiet..he's usually doing something even if researching. I know hes been crying he found them as kittens in a box...malnourished, very skinny and at death's door. Nursed them and got them fattened up and full of life. Dewey about his broke as a kitten...that's how Tom found them. Dewey was crying because his leg...we took them home. They would die otherwise. 5 years later...they had issues but at least they didn't die as kittens.

So we already have names for the's been decided we want them in a month. Axel and Roxas (Kingdom Hearts game) they were friends in game so why not. We're not getting another tokay gecko however. Too much pain...I find getting an animal sooner than later fills the gap...not to replace. People go later but Im so focused on the death if I wait later. It's one month before we go get them. Tom will heal and I won't be a mess.

I played Metallica- Sad but True and Sandman. Iron Maiden-Heads are gonna roll. Slipknot-Psychosocial and Avenged Sevenfold (sorry if it's wrong lol) Nightmare. I did Godsmack I Fn Hate you...I can't say F word so...yeah. Of course that song there describes the person I told you about in PM before. Yeahh...can't stand that person...literally hate that the Dallas Cowboys. I was so heated one time in a convo with that person that I wanted to break their fingers...I know Im demented. Being bullied taught me to stand up and not back down..I broke jaws, arms and legs in school. Im totally not suited for real world. I've been called psycho, B word and other nasty words...not suitable for here. Im defensive and will trash talk anyone especially if I dislike someone. I did it in school and that guy wanted to be my friend afterwards LOL. He was scared I was gonna kill him or something. I don't kill people Im just very rude. To this day, we still talk on Facebook messenger.

I might get a crested gecko. Tokay cage will be sold to a girl who wants to hermit crabs so I'll disinfect it for her.

My frogs are singing so Im gonna to listen to that.
I had my uncle fix the peg on my electric guitar.
So now I can hook it to my's not loud I turn it down for the animals. Im not heartless...I can't do very loud things.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:55 pm
by SHBailey
Hi --
I still think you're wise about coping with depression, no matter how good you can play the guitar. But you remind me that one of the things I have to learn how to regulate is the level of "challenge" in the difficulty of the music I try to play. Too much = frustration. I have to go back to playing the easy stuff.

I guess the right time to get kittens came sooner than you thought it would, thanks to your friend's kitty's unplanned pregnancy, huh? Yeah, we know that if you let an unfixed female cat outdoors (especially when she's in heat), you WILL get kittens. Been there, done that, I'm ashamed to say, but I was about 13 years old. One of these days I'm going to have to tell my kitten story, but I'll probably put it in a separate TLDR.

It sounds like you drew the short straw from your family's gene pool. Nobody's fault -- luck of the draw, but yeah, still a WTF to live with. (Sanitized version: WTF = Where's The Fun :wink: )

You and Tom were wonderful to nurse Dewey and CJ back to health and give them the best life possible after what they went through as kittens.

Too bad most men don't want their wives to see them cry. I've known my husband for over 20 years now, married for 19, and in all that time I've seen that man cry ONCE. Long story, but our marriage was on the rocks just briefly. He got a hug, and the divorce didn't happen. What's so bad about that?

Everyone has their own way of figuring out how long they need to grieve before they move on, get another pet, or whatever. You and Tom know what's right for you.

I'm not very familiar with heavy metal groups like Metallica, etc, but your song titles reminded me of a time years ago (1998) when I went to the Alaska State Fair with my nephew and sister. He liked Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, and they were playing at the Fair. I wasn't at all familiar with their music. Someone in the audience kept calling out, "I hate myself for loving you!" I thought he was declaring his feelings for Joan, but when they finally played the song, I realized that it was actually a request. :lol:

Yes I remember the PMs. Won't say anything else about that here. It's ok to PM me again if you feel the need, otherwise, we can leave it at that.

I've called myself the B word (as in female dog), but my husband always disagrees with me. My hypothesis is that something fried his brain when he fell in love with me. I often tell him that he got the short end of the deal in this marriage, but he seems happy in his little delusion so I probably shouldn't hassle him with reality. :mrgreen:

I thought I was getting better from my depression late last week and maybe going into a nice little hypomanic episode, but no such luck -- it came with a migraine, one of my little genetic short straws that I probably got from my mother. Being bipolar (if that is indeed what I am) is like your train of thought turns into a bunch of little bumper cars and they all go zipping off every which way, but then when they finally line themselves all back up into a train, the locomotive runs out of steam, so the train never gets very far. :(

I didn't feel depressed or sad, but if I tried to do anything at all it made my head hurt. Couldn't even do music -- needed quiet.

So I got into an argument with Puff last Friday. He started doing his little "Get me out of here" act, and I told him I wasn't going to fall for it this time. I actually managed to get him to poop "downstairs" on the paper towels exactly where it would be easiest for me to clean it up and I almost thought I could manage it, but of course he expected me to keep my end of the bargain by taking him out of the tank and cleaning it up IMMEDIATELY, and when I did not comply right away, he made a point of stepping in it and giving me The Look :angry5: . I left the room for a moment and when I came back, he had given up on me and climbed back up on his basking platform, leaving little poopy footprints behind him. My poor husband had to clean it up when he got home from work, but at least it was somewhat dried up by then.

I'm such a pitiful excuse for a beardie slave. :oops: "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."

We had a pretty good weekend together though. Managed to find some more crickets at the pet store (no roaches -- latest shipment DOA -- someone must have left them out in the snow :banghead: ), fed him crickets both Saturday and Sunday, finally managed to make up a fresh batch of Repashy Grub Pie, etc. :)

We even managed to give the tank a good cleaning, and I managed to vacuum out most of the little pieces of shed skin. But in order to do that, I had to remind myself of the little motto, "If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?" He's almost done shedding now, except for some really stubborn patches on the anterior half of his tail. Whew! I was afraid that would never be over.

No more headache today, but it's still full of bumper cars. I just spaced and washed a load of my husband's wool shirts in regular detergent instead of the special kind for wool. Puff did get his good morning cuddle earlier, and now he's bouncing off the walls in his tank, but I don't feel safe to take him out until my husband comes home, just in case I get distracted and do something stupid with him. My husband gets the same way sometimes. I call it scatterbrained, he calls it flop-headed -- same thing. But he and I both agree that two flop-heads are better than one. :roll:

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 10:05 pm
by BlueDragon09

I've seen Tom cry over my dad's dog when he passed on. That dog was a tiny guy. He didn't like lizards or rats but luckily I didn't live with my parents. CJ and Dewey were Tom's cats I just accepted them.

I love Joan Jett...I used to think it was Joe Jett but I was a kid when I first heard of her. Axel and Roxas are doing well but still feeding on their mom. She's gonna wean them to kitten food.

We had a 5 hour power outage this morning because of heavy winds and rain. Im lying there in the dark trying to sleep but couldn't. I was up all night...didn't sleep till after it got light out. Im terrified of high winds all because I woke up from a nightmare to a pitch black house and howling winds as a kid. 40mph wind and 70gust. Tom can sleep through a hurricane! He stayed asleep as I got up and walked around the house facing my childhood fear. It worked! I was able to sleep after 5a. Im still so tired...but I got everyone what they needed. Unfortunately the beardies get 13 hours of light because the power outage. Normally 14-15 hours. I didn't charge my battery yet I had one for the fish tank filters.

All we have is rain and some gifts under the tree. I will take some tomorrow to friend's houses. We have 12 gifts with more coming Fri. Unfortunately there is some arriving after xmas. That's life...

Nobody has said anything about you. They don't say neglecting your beardie. I don't think anyone will ever say it. I certainly won't...depression and illnesses are life. You can't do everything you need to. As far as I know...nobody talks bad here about anyone. Ok maybe I do...but hate takes over and it's never in public sooo. Im not a people person kind of human...Im more interested in animals, paranormal and aliens most don't believe but I do...rather them come here and take me away! Idc where...I do however care for my friends a small circle I don't need a crowd. I get extremely agitated and upset in a large crowd. I stay in a corner and let everyone talk to each other. Some people are so rude because in public I sometimes sit there and not saying anything. Ok first of all no one is talking to me so I keep quiet. Second they get mad at me for not joining the conversation...really? Stupid... I rather watch a horror movie and pretend they're the victims...
The "normal" thinking people don't believe that having aspergers is an excuse not to talk and act the way I do. Act like what exactly...just sitting here not socializing. Are you freaking serious?! What in the hell is wrong with just sitting here? You go get some "mental" challenge brain like autism and see how you act! You can't exactly stop. Rocking back and forth as I always do is me possessed...apparently. Not joining a large crowd and talking is rude. I would think someone pointing at you in the face is rude but whatever. Haha rant over..this is usually why I don't attend parties.
I don't know how I got into that....see? I just go off.

Soo Im going to Philadelphia...apparently before the game you can meet some of the players. Im gonna meet some Eagles players. Idk who will be available to meet but I'll meet anyone. Yes it's a large crowd of people at the games I can handle sister will help feed my animals and clean up crap.

Im glad your headache is gone.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:29 pm
by SHBailey
Hi –
Holy cow, I just looked Joan Jett up on Wikipedia and she’s almost my age now, and still looks really good. Cute little thing – I can see why the guys were crazy about her. My sister noticed that she was chewing gum all the way through the concert in 1998, and singing at the same time. Talented. :lol:

You and me both when it comes to being scared in the dark during a power outage. The only difference is that in your case it was wind, in my case it was the ground shaking. More about the recent Alaska earthquake on my Puff H. Bailey blog.

I just found out that our governor was on the elevator between the 16th and 17th floor of the Atwood Building (exactly were my husband used to work) when it hit. The elevator has noisy cables and at first he thought that was what it was, but then he realized that it might be “the big one.” Lots of damage, but miraculously, no one was killed this time (unlike the “big one” in 1964).

Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. If anyone ever says you’re cold hearted, then they just don’t know the difference between cold hearted and autistic. I’m more comfortable around animals than I am around people too. The difference between you and me is that I can be the life of the party when I’m in one of my hypomanic moods, but don’t come near me when I’m depressed. My ability to tolerate crowds varies with my mood level.

If you saw what I posted on my other blog, I also may have put something in danger. When I got around to telling my husband what happened, he told me that I should at least change my password, but my brain is too fried to do that and he’s going to have to help me. If that had happened when I was depressed, I probably would have shut it down and gone to bed to cry because my carefully crafted TLDR had disappeared into thin air, but at least no damage would have been done.

Have you ever watched “The Good Doctor”? Freddie Highmore plays a doctor who is an autistic savant. He’s a medical genius but has a hard time dealing with people (and he’s really cute too, in my opinion), and the series is all about how he copes. My husband and I have been watching it together. The second season just did their mid season finale with a cliffhanger – there’s an epidemic at the hospital, and he’s freaking out and becoming dysfunctional because of a malfunctioning light fixture that’s making an obnoxious noise and distracting him. Part 2 is supposed to air in mid January.

Puff has been driving me nuts. Yesterday he started standing up against the glass with his nose less than an inch away from the UV lamp. He’s already having problems with his vision. So I got a ruler and a sharpie and marked the 6 inch limit on the tank. Catch 22 – do we want MBD or to go blind? His little skeleton and calcium levels are in good shape, so I opted to protect his eyes and took his “pretty color” away from him. If he loses his eyesight completely, that could be the end of him unless he can learn to willingly eat what he can’t see. My husband and I have both decided that force feeding is not an option; we don’t want to torture him.

I’m not sure if I could train him not to do it by taking the lamp away every time he does. I would have to be able to be consistent, and watch him constantly. If I got tired and needed a nap, I’d have to take it away before I went to bed, and he wouldn’t understand why. I’m afraid the only real solution is to get my husband to jerry rig something that will raise the lamp 6 inches above the screen top so that he won’t be able to get that close. And BTW, the screen top is coarse mesh that screens out only about 30% of the light, and the lamp is cranking out the UV at around 300 microwatts/square cm, according to the meter.

I’m a control freak so letting my husband figure out something that inevitably isn't going to be EXACTLY like I want it without turning into a raving female dog about it is going to be extremely difficult – wish me luck.

You must really REALLY love your Eagles in order to be willing to travel to Philadelphia and brave the crowds to go to one of their games. I hope they win. If not, I hope you’ll be able to drown your sorrows in some guitar playing. :)

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:44 pm
by BlueDragon09

I remember about 4 different passwords...including Apple.
They're all in my head. One I don't remember often is Twitter and email. I have a photographic memory most of the time.

We have friends who married and live in Philadelphia. They're bigger Eagle fans than me! They got posters, bed sheets and comforter. Eagle lights in the tv room. They have three kids who are also into football. They're 17,13 and 12. The 17 yr old and I are talkative around each other so I know things his parents don't. His siblings are bit too young to understand so he can't talk to them. He does hang out with them like a good older brother. 13 yr old is distant..she's more into solitude but will socialize on her own time and hates to intrude into others conversation. She's either on her phone (like most everyone), socializing or xbox one. For someone who doesn't go out she's not fat.
There's the 12 yr old, he doesn't like ANYONE! I mean that. He's worse than me when it comes to hate. He's in anger management because he hits people till they bleed. I never seen a kid so angry. He loves family and friends but to everyone else they're nothing. His anger is x10! He's coming to the game so they gave him an ipod to relax. He's not to get mad if they lose. He cusses like a sailor and he's 12! His uncle has to live with them because he behaves around his uncle. He's been subjected to those words I believe. I think he has tourrets syndrome.

I heard about the earthquake I was thinking of you. Im glad you're good.

I never seen The Good Doctor but I know of Freddie Highmore. He's like 26 or 27 yrs old and definitely cute. He was on Bates Motel for 5 seasons. He played Norman Bates.

I read your blog. I have no energy. I have a zoo in the morning. Two dragons up, one down. He didn't eat. Broly gives the worst anxiety attack ever. He's special ADV or anything like that...he's inbred. Part hypo (one with clear nail) he has three feet one toe on each foot with clear nails and one with all dark nails, this isn't so bad. Muscular issues...he has muscles they twitch occasionally. He has MBD, kink in the tail. All four legs stiff...been like this since bringing him home. I had nothing to do with any of this. I give calcium, vitamin and not a lot of water (it becomes diarrhea). Tracie (Drache613) has pretty much helped in regards to Broly.

My brain is fried...I go to bed at 5...not on purpose stupid storm messed me up. I gotta get back to good sleeping hours. Napping in the afternoon doesn't help.