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Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:20 pm
by BlueDragon09

Yeah but who reads the thread besides us? I don't think anyone. I don't post pics anymore. People like pics and I don't like to post them. It's a lot of energy that I don't have. I mean it's easy to do but I gave up I don't ever have pics anymore. I don't take much of him mostly because he's 3 yrs and doesn't do much. Jamie is asleep and Kane's out too. My hamster and hedgehog have a lot more energy than the dragons. I go to hamster and hedgehog forums. I love my dragons but taking pics would be the same one every time. I would post pics if one got sick but again I gotta vet in house. Besides they all got up, went potty, ate and basked a few hours then off to brumation. No dragon is awake. Idk what to say if they're asleep. People can accuse us for going way off topic but Idc unless they wanna read they're asleep....few days later still asleep. It would be boring. Three dragons and not one awake.

I wasn't really scared of zozo, my sister was. We said goodbye and I wasn't possessed anymore Im guessing. Im not sure what happened. Eventually my dad said he said goodbye on the board. I have heard of zozo before and looked him up on YT and searched Google. He seems to be a scary experience for people who encounter him. I say him Idk what it is. I was pretty calm when he showed up on the board. I was 15 and didn't know what or who zozo was so being absolutely clueless I was excited! My dad said oh S word my sister was freaking out. We're not sure why zozo would want to break connection but if that's it I was told we did. I came to so good sign. My dad still took me on paranormal investigations till I was 19. He's been too old ever since. He asks about my demon friend from time to time. I would say he's good. I need to know his name. I'll found out one day. Im thinking he keeps the dragons in check with health. He keeps me calm when j e r k s piss me off. It happens here too but I never ever say anything. I browse most of the time. I let others get mad if they feel it necessary. I channel anger differently than others. I put all that energy into drawing or something. When people yell,scream or hit things Im drawing.

I sliced my hand today, I was washing dishes and didn't even realize till later. I had blood on the counter and Tom said "clean up you hand". I was like "what?" he said my hand I then looked and was like oh goodness. I wiped the counter and rinsed the blood off my hand and got a bandaid after applying raw honey to it. My hand stings to use it and using one hand.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:10 am
by SHBailey
I just realized that I've been out of touch around here since the end of last month -- it's getting harder and harder for me to keep up. You'd think I'd have plenty of time with just one little beardie and a 625 square foot 2 bedroom house to take care of, but energy is another story. All the calories I eat seem to turn to fat -- very little of it turns to energy. :roll:

Anyway, believe it or not, I don't even know how to post pictures :oops: -- I'd have to get my tech-savvy husband to post them for me in his non-existent spare time, so that's why I haven't posted any. I think the latest "picture" we have of Puff is an X-Ray that was taken this spring when he was emaciated and anemic -- but at least his little skeleton was still in good shape. He seems to have made a complete recovery since then, or at least the adenovirus is back into "remission," we hope for a long time.

No real obvious signs of brumation in Puff's case, and that's typical for him. He slows down a little, and sometimes doesn't come out of his "burrito" until noonish if I don't wake him up, and sometimes zones out early in the evening, but that's really not too different from me at this time of year -- not wanting to drag myself out of bed when it's cold and dark outside. And he's completely lost his appetite for greens again, but will still chase crickets and roaches with some enthusiasm. Back to "normal." :mrgreen: At least he still eats a little butternut squash and some "jelly worms" (Repashy grub pie) if "Daddy" feeds them to him. Then "Mommy" has to wipe the mess off his face afterwards.

Hedgehogs and hamsters are cute little critters -- we might have ended up having some of those if my husband wasn't severely allergic to anything with fur.

I'm not so scared of demons (aka "evil" spirits) as I used to be, ever since I started thinking of them as "wounded spirits" who don't know how to cope -- you know, sort of like mortal human "bullies." But if that's the case, they can still do some damage if you let them, so you would still want to protect yourself in some way. I'd say your dad probably did the best thing by "hanging up" (so to speak) on Zozo with the ouija board.

I've had some pretty scary experiences in the past with feeling a "presence," and I may have come close to being "possessed" once or twice, but never to the point where I blacked out and couldn't remember what I said or did. As a matter of fact, I have some painful memories and some regrets, but I've never thought that I'd be better off if I could forget. Maybe I learned something from it all. Nowadays, most of the spirits that I have any sense of are good ones. If they're the ghosts of the dead, then maybe they're a mixture of good and bad just like living people, but I like to think that the majority are good.

My husband has always advised me that if a spirit approaches you, ask them who they are, and maybe what message they have for you. When we do that, sometimes a name or other words will pop into our mind. Then we get to figure out what, if anything, we're supposed to do with that information. I once commented to my husband that, "Communication with the dead is not an exact science." He responded with, "Communication with the living is not an exact science either." :wink: :lol:

Being able to channel anger into doing something productive is a really good coping skill to have, so good for you if you can do that. I wish I could do a better job with that, since my usual coping strategy is to turn it into sadness before I hurt somebody with it, but then I end up in bed crying and not getting anything done. :(

I hope your hand has healed up by now. Does raw honey work as well as or better than antibiotic ointment for stuff like that? I've never tried using it as an antiseptic (as opposed to eating it :) ), although we do have some since it had become available at Costco sometime in the past several years. And did you ever figure out how that happened? Was there a knife hiding under the soap suds or what?

Looks like we're in for a gray cloudy day today (maybe some rain), but you never know around here. Our weather has been unusually warm for fall so far, but pretty unpredictable as usual. One day this last week it was sunny and beautiful around lunch time, and a few hours later in the afternoon it turned nasty rainy and windy, but I guess we should count our lucky stars that we're not in Florida -- it could be a lot worse. I hear that Hurricane Michael made a horrible mess of things down there.

Time for Puff's good morning cuddle -- I just turned on the heat lamps and it looks like this is going to be one of those days when he's not going to come out from under his blankie to do his daily light bulb worshiping unless I coax him. Like we said about the barometric pressure a while back -- he can probably sense that this is supposed to be a sleepy day. So I'll see if I can find us a podcast to listen to or a video to watch and we'll zone out together...

But BTW, that reminds me, have you had a chance to see the season premiere of Dr. Who? If not, then I should refrain from "spoilers" until next time. :blob5: (Besides, TLDR again already :oops: )

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:07 pm
by BlueDragon09

I did see Dr Who. They're all longer than previous seasons.
My mom and I think she's an awesome doctor! We love her! What do you think of her?

I think "evil spirits" are wounded spirits too. Zozo and I have an understanding that we will not bother each other. He will not possess me and I will not contact him ever. So mutual understanding.

My demon friend hangs around longer than usual. Nobody is getting hurt so...I guess everything is ok.

Kane and Jamie is awake. They ate, basks and they went to the potty. Broly stopped brumation...I guess he decided it was stupid and wants to be out. He's active, eats (not a lot as he did so maybe slowing down instead of brumation), basks and uses the potty.

The knife was under the suds and I didn't see it. I didn't feel the sting as it cut me till later. I kept washing so how I didn't notice the blood is unreal for anyone to believe. The honey is better than those ointments we used as kids. My friend uses the antibiotic ointment but I use honey. If it's faster than the ointment I don't notice these things.

Hedgehogs and hamsters are a joy if you're a night owl (as I am). The hamster may want to play with you or they play with their toys without you. Balls are debated...I only use them as I clean Oreos cage. She stopped biting bars and runs her wheel or chews her toys. She eats and drinks well.
Hedgehogs are another story as Idk much. Kyru (hedgehog) is Tom's pet so he knows what to do with her. Side note: Oreo escapes all holding cages as I clean her cage. The ball she doesn't escape as she can move about the house. I can't say she likes it but she doesn't try to escape it. I might get gerbils when Oreo passes away. I had good experience with two male died young and the other got cancer and had to get put down as he was hurting. The cancer infected hamster was so energetic got the nasty disease and just laid on your lap or hand. He didn't eat or drink or move for that matter. I had two great years with him before he had to go. He's in an urn between Loki and Vash.

Today...we saw Venom. My opinion great movie! Im just a fan of all Marvel. Specifically, Spiderman and anything related to him. Venom was always my favorite of all Spiderman villains (if he is). The movie didn't portray him as a villian. Im not spoiling anything though.

We have a nice visit by a crab spider. These spiders don't hurt us but are venomous. Mouthparts too small like the daddy long legs. Unlike other spiders except maybe the huntsman spider, crab spiders don't make webs they are on the hunt for bugs. This guy is on my venus at first thought caught but it's not. I left him there...he'll help clear my plants (he'll migrate to other plants eventually) of bad bugs. He's a pretty happy spider so of course we left him alone. I know this will seem unreal but as Im not afraid of spiders I asked this guy/girl for a high five. I use my finger held it up to her she held her leg up and tapped my finger. It's a high five of sorts. I didn't know the gender so I said good spider. It was a treat! I gotta go fix the filter, it's motor sounds like it's vibrating or something? Idk strange it was fine yesterday.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 5:17 pm
by SHBailey
Hi --

Yes, I agree with you about the new Dr Who. She's totally cool. :blob5: Managed to see both of the new episodes so far -- 3 new traveling companions, and got the TARDIS back (new and improved), so we're good to go now. :D I'm just hoping that I'll be able to see most of the episodes, since they're not on at the best times and days for me and my husband, and BBC America's website is pulling the same stuff they did last season -- they won't let you watch anything but the first episode unless you sign on and presumably pay a fee, and then if you do watch it on line it racks up a hefty amount of usage (ours is metered) because apparently it's in high definition -- I guess it would have had to be because it played beautifully even with all the action. So, since I already pay too much for access and I refuse to pay extra for content (not even if it's Dr Who), that means that if I don't want to miss any episodes, I'm going to have to make sure that I plop myself in front of the TV at 7pm on Sunday evenings or else 3am the following Monday -- so far it looks like those are going to be my only options :banghead: but maybe it won't be so bad -- they'll probably rerun the heck out of it and maybe even do a few marathons here and there, so I'll probably have plenty of chances to catch any episodes I miss sooner or later. :roll:

Sounds like you and Zozo have settled on a pretty good "truce." And I could imagine calling your other friend something like a "guardian angel" just as easily as a "demon," if he tends to protect you. Hard to know what they are for sure, but I kind of like that Shakespeare thing that everyone seems to like to quote, something like "There are more things in the earth and sky than are dreamt of..."

Puff is slowing down a little but no sign of getting really serious about brumation, as usual for him. He's been eating like a pig this week and has even taken a few bites out of his salad all by himself. His weight is still pretty stable so it seems like everything is still ok, although his "after bath" cuddle turns into his "bedtime cuddle" more often this time of year. That's no major big deal, since they're only an hour or two apart anyway, after his "daddy" gets home from work.

My mother and my sister tried to teach their kids that what they call "handy andy" is not the proper way to do dishes -- that's where you just wash and rinse one dish or a few dishes at a time and don't bother to fill up the sink with suds, but heck -- I'm like, "Is there any other way to do dishes?" It's just my husband and me, so I rarely have a whole sinkful of them unless I get way behind. The one nice thing about it is that it's easier to keep an eye on the knives, which is good because what happened to you could have easily happened to me otherwise -- doesn't sound far fetched to me at all. Sometimes I find small cuts or scratches on my hands and can't remember how I got them. I've noticed it most since I moved to Alaska, so I've wondered if it's just because my hands are half frozen half the time so I don't feel it, although that wouldn't be the case with a sinkful of hot dishwater. But maybe I should try the honey next time I discover one of those mysterious little injuries. I hope yours healed up ok.

My sister gave me one of those exercise balls when I had the gerbil. It was left over from a hamster that had belonged to my nephew. I had to tape it shut when I put him in it because it tended to pop open otherwise. I'm not sure if he enjoyed it or not. He wasn't super hyperactive -- he was already two years old when I got him and lived another two years after that, what I understand is an average life span for a gerbil. I found him dead in his little habitat one morning, suddenly and unexpectedly -- he'd seemed fine up until then, so I hope that he didn't suffer. I buried him in the back yard.

I've seen a few of the adds for Venom and didn't know quite what to make of it -- good movie, huh? I'm still into the DC stuff -- Supergirl, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. They're all starting up their new seasons this month, so I'll have plenty of combined TV watching and beardie cuddling to do for the next few months. :D

I'm not afraid of spiders either but I've never managed a high five with one. We get a few of them in the house now and then and I figure they'll take care of things like flies and gnats and such. I try to get them out of harm's way when I find them in the sink when I'm about to do dishes, on a table that I'm about to use, etc, but you can't drop a spider because they almost always throw out a little silk thread -- probably a reflex, and then I think I've got them in a safe place and try to walk away and then I find out they're still attached to me -- really hard to keep track of them the way they scurry around. They usually end up disappearing somewhere so I just have to hope they ended up someplace where they're less likely to get squished, or scarfed up by a bearded dragon, for that matter. :wink: I'm pretty sure that Puff would go for it if one ever gets anywhere near him.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:40 pm
by BlueDragon09

I only seen episode 1 so far. Im going to see episode 2 tomorrow night.

Im spending time with family because we had horrible news about dad's dog (pomchi) died of kidney failure so he had to be put down. He's been sick since day 1 bad genetics. He was only 5 years old. He lived to be 5 with his terrible genetics. He was my playmate when I came over. We all said goodbye at the vet.

Idk Venom is just something I grew up with watching Spiderman.

Broly's awake and the other two are asleep. They'll need a potty bath soon. Broly eats everything. Broly's not much of a cuddler unless it's a power outage and too cold. Jamie is the same. Kane cuddles whenever he likes but he's asleep so nevermind.

My angel is gone so apparently things are right and nothing left to protect me from. He says his name is Charlie or Charles whichever I prefer. I know he's around for the animals. I had one frog die from sepsis and the other 5 are ok. I really hate allergies Im getting a sneezy feeling bur won't come out. It's can I have allergies?! Idk but I do.

My hamster keep asking to come out. It's too hot in the living room so we moved her to our room (yes she came with us). I didn't realize she's too loud because no one could come take care of her. Pet sitter has our other animals. We brought the beardies, our dogs and hamster. My brother is at my parents house too and he loves the pellet stove on. He gets cold I guess I won't be sleeping a few nights. I don't want her to get heat stress and die. I have no choice no other place to put her. Unless kitchen is possible. There is a table no one uses for food. Maybe I'll put her there less heated there.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 12:18 pm
by Beardymama33
[Click image to enlarge]
i havent posted much lately either but heres a pic..... :D Im sorry to hear about the dog its rough to go through that. and as for the being so busy thing im busy too i just made two castle style bridges (the first was just a tad too wide to fit) and have been running after 4 human children and keeping up with lunches, uniforms, a beardie and such.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 12:19 pm
by Beardymama33
[Click image to enlarge]

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:09 am
by BlueDragon09

Cute pix! I love building.

I noticed I can draw Venom! My first time ever. I suck at drawing anyone with muscles. I actually did really good. Im gonna draw muscles more often.

I realize my lack of posts and really lacking on pictures! Broly's 3 and you hadn't seen him since he was 1. I usually email pictures and probably the only way you'd see him.

Oh my toothache is back because I have parotitis again! A bit of swelling in my cheek. Apparently another crystalized saliva stone. I wonder if I have crystals in my saliva that keeps creating the stone in my salivary gland.

Broly finally eats greens. I noticed he likes blueberry and strawberry. I tried the berries yesterday and he loves them! I won't give a lot. Maybe once a week. I forgot today was cricket day...Broly got them anyway. Kane and Jamie woke up for crix too. They ate and slept under their basking light. Now they're in their hides.

So my frogs are still going strong. My 1 yr old with the "bubble" on his chin figured he can put his nose down and lunge for food. Yeah he scrapes the cancer but it's not bleeding. He gained his weight back.

Im hoping to see Dr Who with my mom tonight. We're seeing Halloween next weekend...

Im rooting for my boys the Eagles! Since Im "sick" with parotitis I get to eat what I want. I may not though...Im not a fan or chili. I can't even eat it I get stomach issues. Im ok without problems. I already got a terrible toothache thanks to parotitis. I took pain meds for it. Im gonna watch the rest the game.

@SueAnn yes my hand has healed up fine with the raw and unfiltered honey. It's not pasteurized it's raw and unfiltered so it's the real thing. Worked for my water frogs too. One cut his back and his skin has healed no issues. He's been released back into the tank.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:45 pm
by SHBailey
Oops -- sorry about the "spoiler" :oops: -- didn't realize you hadn't seen the 2nd Dr Who episode yet. So far I've managed to see all 3 -- will see if I can keep it up. It's always nice to see them in order if you can get away with it, instead of having to piece the story together from random reruns.

Sorry to hear about your dad's dog, but it's wonderful that your family gets together and supports each other at times like that. I hope you've been able to keep your beardies warm and you hamster cool.

I wish breeders would pay more attention to good health and good temperament instead of doing what they often do. Then maybe we'd have a lot less animals living sickly lives and dying young because of bad genetics. I strongly suspect that my little corn snake was inbred -- that's what all the evidence suggests, although I'll never know for sure. But don't even get me started :roll: -- I've probably said all this before.

Most beardies don't mind snuggling up to a warm human body when the heat lamps go out, even the ones like Broly and Jamie that typically aren't into cuddling. Puff will usually settle down for a cuddle, especially if he's sleepy, but I think he can probably take it or leave it. He usually goes right to sleep when the lights go out whether he gets his bedtime cuddle or not, and we don't disturb him for it if he looks like he's already zoned out by the time we go to turn off the lights.

Sounds like your "angel" is willing to be there for you if and when you need him, especially if he told you his name.

Maybe you're also allergic to molds and/or dust mites. If so, you don't get a break in the fall when there's no more pollen. My husband and I have that problem. A little something to be allergic to year round. :( Also sorry to hear you got that parotitis again. I suppose it's possible that some people are genetically predisposed to making crystals, since one of my oral hygienists once told me that some people get more plaque and tooth decay than others because of genetic differences in the chemical composition of their saliva.

I've tried Puff on various types of fruit and berries and he just doesn't seem to like "sweets." We're lucky when we can get him to eat some greens and squash, although I have noticed him eating a few bites of his salad by himself once in a while in the last couple of weeks. His favorite thing to eat will probably always be live bugs though, maybe with Repashy grub pie runnning a close second. His weight remains stable at around 530 grams, and we're weighing him weekly now so we don't get blindsided by that again. No telling what the adenovirus will come up with next, but for now it seems to be in "remission," so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Draconis looks good, Beardymama. I'm guessing that if he's capable of standing up against the glass like that, then he must be recovering well? That looks like a really nifty staircase you have for him too.

We're getting ready for the weekend, more or less. "Daddy" is doing the Costco run after work tonight, and should be bringing home some greens for Puff and some pizza for us human slaves. It's already getting dark outside and Puff seems to be more or less zoned out for the evening. We've had an unusually warm fall but they're predicting the possibility of our first snowfall this weekend. Welcome to Anchorage Alaska in October. :wink: We almost always have snow on the ground by Halloween.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:58 pm
by BlueDragon09

I had only seen 3 mins of episode 2 of Dr Who. My dad wants to nap at noon and mom's hectic work schedule doesn't help us watch it. Tomorrow is episode 4...Im getting behind. I may watch episode 4 alone and try to watch 2 and 3 some other time. We have time together for Will and Grace as it's 31 mins not an hour and 10 mins. I keep getting stomach problems...always stomachaches. I need to look at what I eat. I got rid of milk (can only drink lactose free). I know non lactose free hurts me...Im ok with eggs and butter. I eat low carb bread. None of that hurts. I don't know what's causing the cramps and it's not my period (Im open about it...Im not afraid as it's natural). If it was my period it's worse pain. Funny it's worse than an illness stomachache. So it's not helping the Dr Who situation combined with too long for our schedules. Then again Nov is next week so maybe it's my period cramps telling me it's coming..

Kane and Jamie in brumation we have one dragon up not into cuddling. I see people on here cuddling their dragons and I have two who only use humans if power is out too long otherwise forget it! I tried he's 3 years now pretty much set his ways. Jamie is 5 years and she will just wiggle away if you try. Kane is a very cuddly boy unless hes brumating he will get so grumpy if you wake him. He doesn't tolerate that. I socialize with Broly and Jamie yet they don't care. So we let them out and they do what they want. What they want doesn't include people cuddling, it's only window watching. They don't care if we pick them up just don't cuddle them they'll try their best to wiggle away. I learned to not make an animal do something they don't want to. It doesn't break my heart or hurt feelings if they don't like cuddles. I have two guinea pigs who will. Simba and Kion are their names. Kion is skittish and always running away so he's harder to cuddle but once out he's sooo happy! Simba will come to me.

Yeah there's a chemical in my saliva that makes crystals to form easy. I keep hydrated and suck on sour candy though I hate it. I combat it easily.

Im allergic to mold and definitely dust. Im always sneezing more in summer though.

It's raining and cool. It rains on Halloween...I was gonna go out but forget it. I like to stay in and watch horror movies instead. I don't like going outside in the rain as I hate getting wet unless Im showering. If it's absolutely necessary like I wanna see a movie. Nov 2 now we'll see Halloween. Driving me nuts all these push backs...I deal with it though.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 7:56 am
by Gormagon
Yes, I read this thread and, find it very entertaining at times, LOL!!!
It gives me a break from the ill dragon threads and, having just lost my dragon "Peaches" 28 days 3hrs and 55 minutes ago, I enjoy the candor.

Yes, I like pics and, the little cute stories that comes with them.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 12:44 pm
by SHBailey
Gee, this is a switch that I'm managing to keep up with the latest Dr Who episodes so far. I'll try to refrain from any more spoilers until you get a chance to see the ones you missed -- they were both good in my opinion. Tonight's episode looks like it's going to be about spiders, according to the blurb in the TV guide, so it should be fun. I use headphones when I watch it because my husband isn't into Dr Who, so he can either take a nap or do something else. Maybe some day I'll be able to talk him into giving it a try...

I'm not sure why they decided to make the new episodes just a little longer than an hour, but not quite an hour and a half. It seems like that would really mess up their programming schedule. Now they have everything starting and finishing at odd times. Go figure.

I'm going to have to check out "Will and Grace" one of these days -- I had to google it to find out what it was all about, and it sounds interesting. So far I've never watched it.

It sounds like you drew the short straw genetically when it comes to digestive issues -- lactose intolerance and if I remember correctly, you have celiac too. I lucked out with all that -- tested negative for celiac a few years ago and never had a problem with milk. Never had really bad cramps around the period either -- mild ones for the most part, and I completed menopause in 2015 without too many problems. The worst part was the depression I would get usually the week before, and the headache on day 1, but now I still get depressed all of a sudden on no particular schedule and sometimes for no apparent reason, so the only real difference is now I can't blame it on my hormones anymore. :roll:

Maybe you could find something tastier to suck on to help prevent the saliva crystals -- does the candy have to be acidic (which we taste as "sour") in order to prevent the crystals from forming? :?

It's always nice to have a critter that enjoys cuddles, but some of them just aren't into it. It took me a long time to learn not to try to keep cuddling them when they don't want to, although when Puff gets wiggly sometimes it's hard to tell if he wants to get up under my chin where he can snuggle or up on my shoulder where he can look around room, or wants to run around the house and get into mischief, which is not one of the options -- the only place in our house that's beardie proof is the inside of his tank. We have too much stuff and not enough house, so there's too much mischief he could get into anywhere else. He has a nice big tank though, so hopefully it's adequate for when he feels like running around, which is usually not very often these days anyway.

Oregon is famous for rain and Alaska is famous for snow, and we're getting a mixture of both today. I can't believe my husband wanted to walk to church in this. I decided to stay home.

We usually hole up and guard the house and the beardie on Halloween night. Trick or treating isn't much of a thing around here, but some of the local churches and schools do spook alleys and other indoor things -- safer and more comfortable for the kids and everyone else involved. We don't have anything planned this year. My husband's church is planning a "trunk or treat" in their parking lot, but he doesn't get off work early enough for us to go.

Hello and welcome, Gormagon. I hope you don't think we're too crazy around here, given some of the stuff we talk about. :lol:

If you're counting the days, hours, and minutes since Peaches passed away, it sound like you have a great big bearded dragon shaped hole in your heart. I hope you will find a way to fill it and that the memories will at least be sweet.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:32 pm
by BlueDragon09

Wow..I didn't think Gormagon read this thread. I thought it was just you and Beardymama.

Welcome Gormagon! We get nuts and sometimes not beardie related stories. Actually there's a lot of sons and daughter are asleep (beardies). Yes, Broly went down! Amazing isn't it?!

As for pics, my phone has a bad camera (though it's an iphone 6 Plus). It goes blurry a lot of the time. Apparently the iphone 8 and X have better ones. I can't get a new phone yet. I'll get a new camera soon Idk how soon. I thought it was just us. I usually just email pics...(got emails from some users on here so they can see him). We don't talk they're for pictures.

We watched football, and my boys (Eagles) won! Idk what they were doing last week against Carolina. My dad says they let Carolina win that's what! He's red neck complete with a car in the yard (broke down) and guns and before anyone jumps to "omg he has guns!" It's completely legal to own them as long as you don't shoot anyone. We shoot no one.
I grew up around guns in a sketchy neighborhood when I was 12. I always heard gunshots at times and sometimes shot at by j e r k s. I did nothing to them and yet they shot at a kid for nothing. So it was "run for your life" home kinda deal. Never liked any of my neighbors...they're dumb.

My dad hates anyone's team but his own. He will respect your team UNLESS your team goes against his Seahawks then he will trash talk your team to tears. My dad and I had some words last year when Eagles vs Seahawks happened. I didn't cry because I grew up around trash talk during football season. Words like "F your team! Mine is better!" Or "I hope your team loses like hell". Those are a few and others not appropriate on here.

Im not a fan of spaghetti we're having some sort of spaghetti chicken dinner tomorrow night. I don't even eat spaghetti because my sensory issue kicks in and I hate the texture. It's an Aspergers thing.

Im trying to talk my mom into Dr Who episode 2 as we only saw 3 mins. My boys won Im quite happy. Idk anyone who likes Jags so I can't trash talk. BTW if anyone likes them on here you will not be trash talked to. I don't do that to randoms. Im mean not rude.

I got tested today...I got celiac disease (why call it disease makes it sound deadly). No more gluten. I also had an endoscopy I think it's called. Yup they stuck a camera with a light down my throat to check my stomach for tumors or ulcers. Nothing causing the random stomachaches at night. They didn't see anything. They decided to do a test...positive for celiac. I have to alter my diet (it's mostly meat and friut). Some veggies not as much as my doc would like.

As for dragons, as said they're asleep. No one to talk about.

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:52 pm
by Gormagon
BlueDragon09 wrote:Hey,

Wow..I didn't think Gormagon read this thread. I thought it was just you and Beardymama.

Welcome Gormagon! We get nuts and sometimes not beardie related stories. Actually there's a lot of sons and daughter are asleep (beardies). Yes, Broly went down! Amazing isn't it?!

Yep, ol'Gormagon gets around on here, LOL!!! I don't have much to say most of the time but, when I do :blob5: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob5: :blob8:

Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:47 am
by BlueDragon09

You can lurk or reply if you want.

Halloween was good...then again it was mostly for my 8 yr old nephew. He dressed up at around 530 and walked around to a few houses. He was done by 745 said his feet hurt. So his dad picked him up and carried him to the truck we all came in. We brought dinner home we ate and all spending the night at my sister's house. We have our beardies at home we left food but doubt they'll eat. We had our timers set (not always on). I only brought my service dog. Everyone had food and water before we left they'll be ok overnight. We are going back home in the morning we don't live far from my sister. We are about 6 blocks away...we went somewhere else to trick or treat as my sister's house doesn't have many neighbors. I never see them home so they must take their kids elsewhere.
The reason Im here at my sister's I felt sick and I couldn't really get to my husbands minivan we have it for animal transportation (fish tanks are different). We usually have them as a second trip and our aquatic friends in a bag if they're small or a large bin for the big guys. That's how we do it to manage three tanks. The tanks in the back seats with a tiny amount of water. Yeah basically gotta fill it up.

I watched horror movies (might as well) on the spare tv in the guest room. It is Nov 1 I know but Nov 2 my sis turns 27 and we see the new Halloween. That's about all that happens.