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What is this forum?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:58 pm
by beardie
I've added this forum to post site policies and rules. So far, the site has managed by encouraging people to use best judgement and good etiquette. Now, this is not to say you all aren't doing a great job at helping keep this place a friendly atmosphere. But, I do get more requests about what the rules are about certain things. I am finding I have to declare certain new policies (like the banner ad signatures), so this forum will help communicate it to all of you.

As some areas of uncertainty come up and can be more clearly defined, I will add more policies. I will be cautious (as I always have) with making too many changes too fast, and that rules are hopefully clear. If there seems to be a gray area in any particular policy, I suggest staying clear of the gray as well. :)

The lack of a policy being present here does not automatically indicate that one does not exist under the more general intent of keeping these forums a peaceful, friendly, and fun place for all.

I hope this helps settle some questions that come up regarding rules of the site.