Inappropriate language/topics

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Inappropriate language/topics

Postby beardie » Mon Sep 04, 2006 11:37 am

The public sections of this website are to remain PG-13.

What this means is that there is no swearing/cursing. Do not even put part of a "bad word", with the rest asterisked out (ie. stars, symbols, etc.). If you think the word is even questionable, please choose to NOT post it.

Minor offenses will result in an edit of your post, which is to serve as a reminder. You may also get a request from a moderator to watch the language/content. More serious infractions will result in a stern warning from me or a moderator. A repeat serious offense will result in your being banned. The tollerance for blatent disregard of this policy is VERY low.

I want this website to remain a safe place for kids to be able to read and post to, without having parents be upset about what they're reading. In addition to inappropriate language, any posts/topics should stay clear of adult content or context. Any topics of a sexual (beardie mating topics aside) nature or drug-related nature is not allowed in the public forums. If you think you'd get a dirty look from a parent for saying it around their kids, stay clear of that topic here.

However, in the interest of maintaining a community feeling, and allow for a bit more free discussion of topics, a hidden forum has been created, called the "Adult Off-Topic" forum. The "Adult" portion of the name does not mean it's for "adult content". It means that topics can go beyond the normally acceptable child-safe limits.

You can sign up for the Adults group in order to gain access to this forum. Any minor, without parental permission, who gets caught joining this group will be banned IMMEDIATELY and will never be allowed back on the site. So, if you even slightly enjoy being here, don't lie about it... the Adults forum isn't very busy, and isn't worth getting banned over. The regular Off-Topic forum is far more interesting for you, without the risk.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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