100 problems at once please help

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100 problems at once please help

Postby rigormortis » Tue Jun 01, 2021 8:40 am

Hello y'all,
so a while ago I posted about my beardie Spike who is 11 years old, about his tremors, which apparently developed due to his old age and not calcium deficiency (blood tests came back and his Ca levels were actually higher than the norm) his results from his uric acid were also a bit higher than the normal levels(done this Monday). I went back to the vet this Monday because he started drooling (my instant diagnosis was pneumonia) but this excess saliva was coming from his stomach according to my vet.
He was prescribed famotidine (in very small doses) to basically reduce acid reflux and fasting until Thursday.
He also got a B6 vitamin shot for the tremors which I think are helping a bit.

So he is kind of lethargic but today he got up and pooped A LOT. Very nicely shaped poop, no blood, no undigested food whatsoever. A few mins later he pooped again but just a bit, and ever since his beard is completely black and he keeps pushing out something to the point he is huffing and gasping for air so obviously he is in a lot of pain while trying to push out whatever is in there.

This is the second day that he is on famotidine and also I'm giving him around 3ml of water via a syringe. He also ate one superworm (was shedding so it was white and soft) on Monday and some repashy veggie burger last Friday.

He is obviously pissed and in pain and I have no idea how to help him. My vet suggested endoscopy to see whether there might be some abscess or whatever in his stomach but I'd like to avoid that especially at this age (he'd have to be under anesthesia). It took up to 10 pokes with a needle to get some blood out of him to run tests so I doubt he'd be up for another blood test.

Tracie is informed about his health issues.
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Re: 100 problems at once please help

Postby AHBD » Thu Jun 03, 2021 5:31 am

Hi there, sorry to hear about Spike's problems. He has lived a long life and is considered to be an elderly fellow now as you already mentioned. Just like people, old age in animals can bring on perplexing health problems. The meds. he's on can cause side effects, sometimes constipation, other times diarrhea. It may be that the med. makes Spike feel like he needs to expel more waste and so he has an urge to push. That's just a guess, it could be something totally unrelated. Send a p.m. to Tracie to see what her thoughts are. Best wishes to old Spike, hopefully he can get comfortable.
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Re: 100 problems at once please help

Postby Drache613 » Fri Jun 04, 2021 1:06 am


Let us know how Spike is doing. I had forgotten his age, bless him.
Keep him well hydrated as best you can. For now, I am thinking he may be having some
trouble with hypervitaminosis or just getting too much in the vitamin shot. The repashy may
be too loaded also.
His beard is dark so I don't like that, he may be in distress right now.

I will check in with you in the morning.
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