I think my cousins beardie is dying and they wont listen!

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I think my cousins beardie is dying and they wont listen!

Postby myagregory1 » Tue Sep 29, 2020 7:24 am

Hi everyone! My little cousin (10 years old) got a beardie because I got one and when I found out he was getting one it was too late to stop him. I know beardies are an amazing pet to have but when you are little and don't know the responsibilities it just isn't a good pet. Somehow his mom (my aunt) didn't stop him from getting it and they just went to the pet store and got one with only doing basic research. I tried so hard to inform them of everything they need to know (best veggies, best feeders, and when/how many to feed, hours of lights, etc). But there was only so much I could tell them, and they didn't listen to me at all.

I saw my cousin and my aunt last week and I was talking to them about their beardie and I was just getting so worried! My cousin was saying how he was feeding his juvenile 15 crickets a day and NEVER greens! I was so confused about how me telling them their juvenile needs to eat 30-80 crickets a day with greens every day didn't do anything.

Anyway, they sent me this picture (attached below) and I just got so sad in my heart. I tried to tell them that I think it might have MBD in its back legs (I could be wrong there but rather safe than sorry) and that it is very obviously hungry and dehydrated and all they said was okay thanks.

I don't know what to do! I am so scared they aren't changing anything because they think I'm biased. So, I'm posting this to hopefully get some answers as to what's wrong with their dragon so I can show them I'm not the only one who thinks this. Also, please give me good ways to bring up a dragon's weight fast! I have a bunch of wax worms for my beardie so I'm thinking of bringing a bunch of those and a ton of greens over to there house. Are wax worms the best route? I know they are high in fat, so could they be good for bringing up weight?

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Re: I think my cousins beardie is dying and they wont listen

Postby AHBD » Tue Sep 29, 2020 7:55 am

Hi Mya, it's nice that you're concerned about this dragon. Hopefully the baby is just sitting in an odd position. Ask them to send you a video if it walking, then you'll really see how the legs are functioning. Don't be too worried about the diet, 15 crickets is a low amount but is not harmful and you can offer to bring some greens and HOPE the baby eats them but they don't always. See if they use callcium powder, if they don't have any bring some of yours over in a llittle jar or bag or go to the store to get them come. All you can do is offer suggestions. Don't bother with waxworms, they ARE fatty and some dragons will refuse other insects and hold out for the " candy ". One really important thing to find out , ask what kind of lighting they have. Most new owners get what the pet store recommends which is often not adequate.
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