beardie wheezing/heavy breathing/slightly open mouth

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beardie wheezing/heavy breathing/slightly open mouth

Postby HenryLucifer » Thu Jul 09, 2020 1:22 am


hi :oops:

my beardie, henry, is 6 months old and eats crickets as his main food. i’ve noticed him breathing heavy with his mouth open and some wheezing or squeaking. i’m starting to worry. his enclosure is at 95° and i have a digital thermometer. he’s has the right wattage of UVB and UVA. he’s in a 70 gallon tank. he’s still eating and being energetic, but his breathing is a little worrying. i also give him a bath every two days. he’s been pooping regularly, too, just in the tub.

thank you :?
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Re: beardie wheezing/heavy breathing/slightly open mouth

Postby KarrieRee » Thu Jul 09, 2020 5:13 am

Correct UVB? What are you using? Brand and bulb----NO COILS -- Basking temps should be 105-110 for Henry -- does he have any mucous coming out of his nose or mouth? Is he doing this all the time? Please lay off the baths for now --- if hes got a RI you dont want to make it worse -- but we need to figure out if that is indeed what is going on --hes wheezing? Are you feeding salads as well as just the crickets? Any worms? Please post pics of Henry and his tank and lighting ---- the UVB and the basking temps in that tank are crucial click on XIMG at the top of the message box then click on the pic it should post
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Re: beardie wheezing/heavy breathing/slightly open mouth

Postby Drache613 » Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:32 pm


Please review your tank setup with us, so we can be sure everything is all correct.
Pictures would be helpful as well!
If you have a water dish in your tank, it would be a good idea to take it out right now.

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