At what point should I really worry

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At what point should I really worry

Postby Wolfxfire » Thu Jul 02, 2020 11:05 pm

So I posted when all of this started but the thread kind of went dead lol and I'm still really bearded dragon is on hunger strike and really lethargic
Went to the vet and the stool sample showed pinworm and roundworm so we did .3cc of panacur daily for 7 days. Vet said not to bother with probiotics I'm going to have to find a better vet... I've been syringe feeding reptaboost and critical care and slurries. he will very occasionally eat a bug or two but no veggies really. He hasn't pooped in a while because of the lack of appetite. The parasite treatment was completed Sunday and still no appetite.. I have grub pie and vegi burger on the way in the mail as well as bene-bac plus gel for birds & reptiles and silkworms. I need to get more hornworms he will still eat those. do I just continue my course and see if adding the probiotics helps? at what point do I go back to the vet? He is 20 inches from nose to tail and currently weighs 502 but doesn't move much during the day and is just kind of floppy someone mentioned he may be trying to brumate but it's not really winter in California and he is only a little older than like 9 months or so.. should I let him spend all of his time in his hide I've been putting him in his hammock to bask and he will perk up a bit but usually just sleeps there or moves to the floor to sleep... When I take him out he can be pretty alert.. I really appreciate any help I'm such a worry wort!
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Re: At what point should I really worry

Postby Drache613 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 11:53 pm


Well, many do tend to start a light brumation phase, even under a year. We had a male
who brumated at 6 months of age & also brumated every year in June to July even though
it was summer time.
Can you post a picture of him, along with your tank setup so we can see his physical
condition? At 20 inches, his weight sounds pretty good.
Which type/brand of UVB are you using?

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