Bearded dragon mouth rot

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Bearded dragon mouth rot

Postby babyfigment » Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:54 pm

Hi guys. My poor baby Figment has had a rough couple of weeks and i need some advice.
Near the end of September, my baby got a respiratory infection. He started wheezing and choking and I took him to the vet. They said there was some mild crackling in his left lung and had me give him a weeks round of baytril. He was miserable during treatment and the medication stressed him out severely. The coughing went away and I thought everything was fine. I noticed he wasn’t eating as much but figured the medication was just hard on his stomach so I was feeding him some baby food.
Then his head started to shed. He hates eating when he’s shedding, especially around the face area.
Then around two weeks ago I noticed he had skin hanging out of his mouth. I pulled it out and more came out than I expected and I was worried I may have pulled it too early but he didn’t seem hurt or anything.
Now fast forward to this week and it’s gotten much worse. His appetite is still rough no matter what I offer, baby food or greens or live food or freeze dried. I’m not too worried about the weight tho, I’m more worried about his mouth.
The side where the skin was seems to be swollen and I thought there was a scab on the side (crusty and yellow). I gave him a bath and gently scrubbed the side of his mouth and the “scab” came out. Now his lip looks swollen and looking at the inside, it looks like there’s white stuff by the back of his teeth.
There’s a reptile store near me and the owner normally looks at pets for you to give you an idea of what’s going on so I’m going to bring figgy there tomorrow but I’m mostly asking a) if I should try a betadine treatment tonight b) should I try to scrape out the yellow and the white? and c) how much does mouth rot treatment tend to cost? The vet I took him to last time was $76 for a visit and $22 for the baytril. Also! What could’ve caused it? I ran my setup by the vet last time and he said it was fine. Could it just be stress from the mediation?

Hopefully the link works but here’s a picture of the inside of his mouth: Image
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Re: Bearded dragon mouth rot

Postby Drache613 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 11:41 pm


Poor thing, I'm not sure how he would have developed those issues especially if he's been
on some baytril. It's hard to determine from the picture. Are you sure it isn't just his mouth/gum
area shedding on & around his lip area, or dried baby food possibly?
You can get a soft toothbrush & use diluted betadine to clean out his mouth daily to help out.
Are you getting the vet to take a look also? If it is mouth rot & it is diagnosed then basically it
would just be treated with baytril or another general antibiotic to get it cleared up. You would
maybe use betadine or maxiguard to clean his mouth. So the cost would be determine just by
the medication used & the duration of treatment with the antibiotic.
What are his basking temperatures in his tank?

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