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Jabba just doesn't seem right.

PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 5:37 pm
by AjMac
So I know Jabba and I are new to the forum and such, but I have noticed he's not acting like himself lately. Jabba is usually a fairly lazy dragon, who is picky about his food. He likes crickets, superworms and green beans and despite me spending a small fortune at the grocery stores, he refuses everything else we've tried. I blame this on his previous owner who gave him to me because that's all they fed him so that's all he wants now and won't try new stuff. He just lets it go bad in his enclosure. So anyways, I come home today to find him in the middle of shed again, as he's got peel coming off him in various places, with him laying on the floor of his tank, not on his beloved rock like usual, with his mouth open and eyes closed in the middle of the day. No food, not even the crickets (freeze dried in one of his food bowls) has been touched to be eaten from the looks of it, only used to make a mess on the bottom of his tank in the area between his rock and his bowls. Cricket carnage everywhere. I cleaned out the withering beans and he didn't even acknowledge me, so I pet his head. He looked at me through squinted eyes as I moved him to his rock to lay under the light as he felt a little cool to the touch. I gave him a worm to make sure he eat something at least and he gobbled it up immediately. I've heard of this lazy spell dragons take (brumation?) and not really sure if that's what it is or what's going on. He's usually grumpy during shed anyway (I'd imagine the poor guy is itchy and that would make anyone grumpy) but this seems a bit different that usual. He has now moved back to the floor and pushed himself into the space between his rock and his bowl, laying in the mess he made earlier. I haven't noticed any poops in the past couple days but he usually goes 3-4 days sometimes. Is this a normal thing or am I freaking out over a grumpy itchy dragon who just wants to be left alone to sleep off being in shed?

Putting in current pic of Mr GrumpyScales.


Re: Jabba just doesn't seem right.

PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2019 1:24 pm
by Drache613

They can definitely get grouchy when shedding, so that could be one thing going on.
Some of them actually slow down in the early to late spring & sleep more. Has he ever
brumated before now, just slown down or not really?
Is he losing weight or maintaining his weight right now?
When they slow down some & not eat as much if anything, they definitely wont go to the
bathroom as often, either. You could opt to get him in for a fecal just to be sure he doesn't
have an increased level of worms or parasites.
Which UVB are you using?


Re: Jabba just doesn't seem right.

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 7:40 pm
by AjMac
Going by the suggestions here on this site, I ordered Jabba the reptisun 10.0 uvb light bulb to hang on the top of his enclosure, and I'm going to figure out how to re-do his other two lights.
He's moved around more the past couple days, had a pretty good poo, and nommed down on some fresh green beans and a superworm when offered. He likes his new log, and he will lay in a circle as he hides under it with just either the tip of his nose or the tip of his tail hanging out. It's kinda cute. He also likes laying diagonally across it with his nose touching either the glass or the floor. He's always been weird like that though, so nothing unusual there. I think it may just be a slow down time period or he's got the ItchyGrumps from shedding, or both.