Beardie Poop issue *has photo*

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Beardie Poop issue *has photo*

Postby Bunnybergg » Sun Apr 21, 2019 1:06 am


Helpppppp. This is our first beardie, and I'd be so crushed if we did something to harm this little guy.

I woke up this morning to turn Scout's lights on, to find him under his hammock instead of on it and with a massive poop that looks to be in a pool of liquid, slightly yellow, with a blow out shape. It is giving off a .... sort of strong odor of urine also.
(When googling it, I just get words like "parasite" and "death" and "vet now", so Im in a huge panic because its Easter)

He did manage to eat his breakfast but I fed him fewer crickets because I was a bit concerned for what we should make the situation out to be. I have also given him a bit of fresh water with a bunch of bits of radish in to get his water up just in case anything is due to dehydration.

Things to know:
Doesn't seem to be lethargic, still turns and waddle runs for cricket chasing.
IS Currently shedding skin and a bit irritable when touched in that regard.
Is preferring to be in his cave rather than on his hammock.
Eats like a madman usually but isn't denying food now.
Now has his mouth open, remaining open while I'm in the room, unless I sit with him for a long period of time. He never acts like he's threatened by me.

Is it diarrhea? Is it a parasite? Dehydration? What do I do? Is he okay?

[Click image to enlarge]
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Re: Beardie Poop issue *has photo*

Postby AHBD » Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:35 am

Hi there, that looks within the normal range of what the poo looks like. Nothing about it indicates anything wrong with Scout so try not to be too worried. I've had beardies for 25 years and seen very similar. If you're truly concerned you can have a fecal test done by a qualified reptile vet [ be ware of vets that have no experience with dragons ] but I think Scout is fine.
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