Few Questions about URI

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Few Questions about URI

Postby nuclearkielbasa » Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:18 pm

Hey there, my poor baby has come down with a URI.
She's been on baytril for 3 days now.

I've never dealt with this before so I have some questions:

1- what is the acceptable temps at night? Do we raise the temperature overnight, 80-85? Or do we keep the temps 75?

2- do you need to avoid bathing during the infection? She only poops in water, and she's due for bathroom break very soon.

3-im in Canada and Interested in nebulizer treatment- I've read the resources on this forums, but am unable to get the f10 solution up here. Is there a substitute? Should I ask the vet to make an elixir to use instead?

4-since baytril is upsetting to her stomach, is non-dairy yogurt an acceptable probiotic?

5- how long does a URI last? Weeks? Months?

Thank you all for your time!
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