Beardie with MBD? Head shakes. Please help

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Re: Beardie with MBD? Head shakes. Please help

Postby AHBD » Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:13 am

She is a very pretty girl ! I see that she's a trans., when these were first produced there were a lot of health problems with them. That doesn't mean it's the cause of HER problems but if she was inbred it could definitely be a part. Is your other dragon a transluscent ?

As for her appetite, she is a very hefty girl and once they reach a certain size they can go off food any time, it's normal. So that also may or may not be related to her problem but I wouldn't worry about that at the moment. Since you do want to get vitamin + calcium in her you can try getting some baby food sweet potato or a bit of applesauce or raw honey to mix a pinch in, along with just a bit of extra water. That way she'll get her supplements as well as keep her hydrated [ Her poo is fine, just a bit dehydrated ] Offer extra water with a syringe, dripping it on her nose but also in this mix that I mentioned.

Cinder's face is just shedding, they do shed in odd ways. I took this pic of one of my guys a while back, looks like he has a milk mustache : ... _large.jpg
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Re: Beardie with MBD? Head shakes. Please help

Postby CindersTale » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:17 am

My other guy isnt translucent, hes just a classic normal colored beardie (Though he acts like hes hot stuff). I'll try all of that thanks again :) Hopefully Cinder will show improvement in the next few weeks.
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Re: Beardie with MBD? Head shakes. Please help

Postby Drache613 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:06 pm


How is your dragon doing tonight?
I agree, the shedding can really cause them some grief! She is very pretty, indeed.
They definitely don't eat as much when they are adults though. She does appear a bit
dehydrated if her urates were chalky possibly. As suggested, the apple sauce is helpful
for hydration with some extra water.
The herptivite can be given 1, maybe 2 times per week max. It has some calcium in it
& it has beta carotene too so it wont become toxic.

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