Scale rot? Or dirt under scales?? Pls help

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Scale rot? Or dirt under scales?? Pls help

Postby Alvinsherman » Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:37 pm


I have been seeing this for a while now but never looked super close let at it it just like like dirt or something but I have him a bath and tried to see if I could gently scratch it off with my nail and it hurts him because he moves and flinches his hand away but I can do the exact same thing and even harder it other spots next to it without the dirt or What ever and he doesn’t even care, I managed to scrape a tiny bit of it off but I stopped it the clack stuff defenetly got softer with the soaking but he dint like me touching. Pls help. ... ity=medium ... ity=medium ... ity=medium ... ity=medium ... ity=medium
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Re: Scale rot? Or dirt under scales?? Pls help

Postby AHBD » Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:32 pm

Hi there, it looks like slight trauma of some sort. You can put raw unpasteurized honey on it, should heal it up . Just be sure there are no loose insects in the tank that would go after the honey + wound.
You could also use betadine watered down to the color of iced tea dabbed on 2-3 X a day as well as Neosporin, but don't use the kind that says " pain relief".
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