My Dragon has pinworms. what's next?

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My Dragon has pinworms. what's next?

Postby noprfin13 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:10 pm


As of yesterday, my bearded dragon, Octavius, has been diagnosed with pinworms. I took him to the vet hospital on Thursday and just got the call about the results now. I will be picking up the medication tomorrow to start treating his pin worms. I have never had a dragon with this before so I am wondering a few things:

-is this contagious to other dragons?
I have had some suspicion that he wasn't doing well because he started head twitching a couple of months back. I have another female dragon, Lania. I have noticed that she has started to become lethargic too. Just as of the past month.

-what foods can cause this?
I feed my Octavius every other day. I feed him kale, collard greens, thin shredded carrots, mint leaves, a few calcium dusted superworms, and butternut squash (if I have it). I have also been supplementing him with Repti-cal phosphorous-free calcium with ViT. D3. every time I feed him. which is every other day.

I am very worried and paranoid that I am doing something wrong. I appreciate anyone here who can tell me they're experience on pinworms. as well as some basic knowledge that I am missing. Thanks!
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Re: My Dragon has pinworms. what's next?

Postby CooperDragon » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:07 pm

Pinworms are fairly common and can be managed by the immune systems of healthy dragons. Did the vet say if the count was high or not? Low counts are often left untreated. High counts are usually knocked out quickly with a couple of Panacur doses. You do want to be sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize everything that comes in contact with poop to help prevent spreading it. If they are showing signs of illness then it could be a very high count or it could just be a coincidence and something else is going on with them.
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