Beardie dehydrated???

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Beardie dehydrated???

Postby courtneycole2012 » Sat Jun 23, 2018 7:18 am


I have a 2 year old beardie. I've had her since she was a hatchling from a pet store. She has a uvb bulb that's 75 watts, she has coconut fiber substrate, that will be getting changed since she makes a mess when eating. She has a large cave with steps for basking, and has a large stuffed iguana as a security blanket(had since we got her, she gets stressed if it's not in her tank) she is in a roughly 44 gallon breed tank. Her temps are around the normal. Her lights get turned off every 12 hour period. She eats dried meal worms/crickets. She refuses to eat greens, but loves to have fruit, and kale is the only green she eats. She's very active, until yesterday and today. She was as white as cotton in an aspirin bottle, and wouldn't move, wouldn't open her eyes. I'm currently soaking her in little more then warm water, it's not boiling hot, but not the pre warm either, shes not white anymore. But still wont move or open eyes. She was drinking the water, and I helped her cause she started to put her head down and i was scared of her drowning. I haven't took her to the vet yet, cause paycheck for this week went to all bills.
Could my beardie just be dehydrated and it made her cold? I cant figure out how to upload photos of my beardie. 🙁
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Re: Beardie dehydrated???

Postby kingofnobbys » Sat Jun 23, 2018 8:49 am

Issue 1 = dried insects as staple :
Throw the dried insects in the bin …. they are not helping her either nutritionally or with hydration.
Lizards like bearded dragons get nearly all their hydration needs ordinarily from their live insects and fresh salad (greens and grated or chopped veg and fruit).
She WILL BENEFIT from gutloaded LIVE medium sized crickets and medium (1" - 2") silkworms, even full size silkworms.

Issue 2 = photoperiod (12 hrs)
This is way to short , needs to be bumped up by at least 3 hrs to 15 hrs or even 16 hrs per day. I have all my skinks and dragon on permanent 16 hour photoperiod. This is much closer to summer time daylight hours in the natural range of bearded dragons, whereas 12 hours per day is more like winter.

Issue 3 - temperatures
Exactly what are your
> basking spot temperature
> day time warm zone temperature
> day time cool zone temperature
> night time tank temperature
and how are you measuring these ?

Issue 4 - most likely UV has failed
How old is the UV source ?
also VERY IMPORTANT = what is it's brand ?
is ir a compact coil type globe ? , T8 tube ? T5ho tube ? MVB ?
what's the %UVB rating ?
what's the wattage ?
is it mounted in reflector hood or dome ?
ontop a mesh lid ?
how far from the basking spot ?

Issue 5 - is the dragon breathing at all or showing any response to stimuli ? (may have aspirated water in the bath.)

Photos of the dragon and the lights and the tank layout.

Uploading photos - this is how I do it here and on other message boards : I upload using , and copy the url created in between [img /img] tags.
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