Mushy feet

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Re: Mushy feet

Postby kingofnobbys » Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:33 pm

AHBD wrote:Oh boy, his feet are really mangled. Poor little guy. Is he using his feet ? Are his front feet the same ?
Can you post close ups of each foot ? Sorry for all the rapid fire questions, just trying to help you out. That is 100% for sure many, many bites. The other dragon views his feet as doubt at all. You must put the healthy dragon in another tank, if you don't have one you can get a large plastic storage tote from Dollar Store/Walmart, Home Depot and rig some lights over it. This is a picture of a simple set up : ... _small.jpg ... _small.jpg

If you like, see if the store will reimburse you for this poor baby [ show them the pics + ask for a manager ] and if you can't set up another home for the other dragon then see if the store will refund you or give it to someone else. Either that or give this one to a rescue. If you're going to keep him you'll need to have him seen by an experienced reptile vet.

>>> vet definitely and immediately.

>>> don't return it to be pet shop, they will most likely take him out the back as soon as you leave , to kill him by giving him the heal of boot treatment , they might even feed him live to a snake !!! :( he deserves better than that ) . This because he is now unsaleable and not worth their expense to give expensive vet treatmet and is his most likely fate in their "tender loving hands").

>>> definitely take the pet shop to task and demand to see the owner and demand help with setting up a new viv and with vet bills BUT THIS IS NOT THE PRIORITY RIGHT NOW & CAN WAIT.

>>> warning his vet treatment is going to be expensive ! and was avoidable , the vet will give you a quote to repair as much as is practical any damage and to treat him ( you are better off doing the post op intensive care at home under vet supervision (giving pain relief and antibiotics, wound care and dressings) as it'll be extremely stressful for him to stay longer than necessary at the animal hospital and they can never give him the time and loving care you and your loved ones can at home.)

Raw unpasteurized honey can be used to fight infection + kill bacteria but if you use it you have to be sure there are no loose crickets in the tank, they would then be attracted to his feet .

Best wishes for your baby.
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Re: Mushy feet

Postby Drache613 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:23 pm


Oh dear, that is very bad! :cry:
Please do separate them immediately, he is being mangled in there terribly.
Are you able to get him to a vet for treatment?
As suggested, try to start some treatment at home for him, to get his feet
cleaned up right now, while you are working on getting him vet treatment.
The store should take responsibility & help out financially for you as well.
Don't hesitate to ask them, either.

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Re: Mushy feet

Postby EllenD » Fri Sep 15, 2017 5:29 am

Oh my, that's as bad a dominance case as I've ever seen. Not only are all his feet literally "eaten", but he's also emaciated and stunted from the stress and the dominance over food.

After you remove the healthy dragon, which hopefully you already have, please get him to an experienced reptile vet IMMEDIATELY. He's going to absolutely need antibiotics to prevent sepsis, those areas that used to be his feet are most likely going to keep spreading up towards his body, and this will kill him. He could also use a proper tube feeding and subcutaneous fluids at the reptile vet.

I'm sorry this has happened to you and to him, unfortunately pet shops and breeders who insist on saying it's alright to house bearded dragons together are to blame for this, and the owner who come on here with one healthy and one sick or emaciated dragon and refuse to separate them need to see this.
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