New bearded dragon has diarrhea.

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New bearded dragon has diarrhea.

Postby Makomaiden » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:51 am


Good day everyone! I'm glad to finally be joking this page. I recently got my beardie, Banshee, 2 weeks ago exactly. She is just over a year old and was purchased from a local pet store. On the drive home, she had horrible diarrhea and has continued to have diarrhea with formed urate. I do not see obvious undigested veggies in her feces anymore, but did during the first two days. This diarrhea is her only symptom.

She is about 10 inches long and a year old.
She lives in a 40 gallon breeder with stone tile floor.
I used reptisun uvb, T5 HO, within the enclosure.
I also use an ambient bulb for the cool side hat sits at 85*F. This build is an ordinary White House bulb of 100 watts.
The basking bulb is an ordinary white bulb as well and is 150watts. The basking side sits at 105*F. All temps are tested and monitored with a digital thermometer and probe.

She gets veggies everyday. Usually collard and dandelion greens with butternut squash. Frequently green beans or blueberries.

Multivitamin is twice a week, and calcium is whenever she eats crickets/worms, which is about every other day to everyb2 days.

She eats mainly crickets now and has about 25 for the day that she eats them. Her appetite is fine.

She is misted daily and has access to water. She is bathed twice a week.

Sorry that is a whole lot of info! Lol but basically, am I doing okay? I plan on testing her fecal this week at work, (I am a vet tech and have access to everything I need, including medication). But I'll I am curious. If I discover that she has protozoan and pin-like parasites , I'd assume she needs metronidazole and panacur. But I am not sure if I can treat with both at the same time? Any input? Also I know about probiotics. I will be getting the highly recommended one ( I believe it starts with an "A").
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Re: New bearded dragon has diarrhea.

Postby FrankTheBeardie223 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:09 am

Hello! I have had my baby beardie for about a month, but I still know some about these guys. You might want to call a vet to make sure everything is alright. Not all pet stores take good care of the animals so I would definitely get the beardie checked out. I don't think you did anything wrong because all of the info seemed to be correct. Just make sure the vegetables you feed it are good for them. Hope I could help!
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Re: New bearded dragon has diarrhea.

Postby Gormagon » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:18 am

A heavy veggie diet can cause a runny, watery poo. Yes sometimes they will expelled excess water when they go poo. It had me worried at one time as well but, I found out that they do this to keep from over hydrating.
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