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Postby salvatoresmother » Sun Mar 28, 2021 1:18 pm

Hello and thanks for clicking! I’m brand new, got Salvatore about a week ago (he was $20 from Petco bc he has funny red lips, proceeds went to adoption but he was there for a few months) Score, but i’m thinking he’s extra nervous around me. When he sees me a breathes heavier. He’ll take food from my hands tho, eats and sleeps, just turns slightly black at me. Any tips for this/is he okaY?? Also when can I start taking him out, ig i’ll get a sense? I pet him a lil but. He’s just super uncomfy with me rn seemingly; one website said to wait a month?
Right now he’s in the corner i just sprayed his food with water (i never do that but his greens were looking too cooked idk im home) but his pattern is v black although not breathing hard and beard not puffed but black too- won’t be spraying water on the food like that again. Humidity went up immediately—- Could it be that for this instance??
Soooo his temp gauge shows steady 83 degrees and his humidity being in Texas is harder to control, usually about 30 percent ... Any tips for that one? He’s quite larger than a baby. I wanna epoxy some glass and build him a better home. Ahhhhhhh i hope he gets cozier. I just want him to have a good life.
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Postby KarrieRee » Sun Mar 28, 2021 4:51 pm

Welcome to the forum -- first thing is the lighting in your tank is the most important thing in that tank - that is the UVB NO coils and basking temps they need to be 105-110 for a baby taken w a digital probe thermometer --- NO stick ons they are inaccurate --- next your hygrometer should be placed in the back center wall of the tank - optimal level is 30-50% --- the 83 is good for the cool side of the tank --- not good for basking side of the tank -- your dragon will go thru relocation stress that is normal but you want your basking temps and UVB good correct if its incorrect your dragon will get sick -- his eating will be off as he needs to acclimate to his tank and surroundings -- petting in the tank is good - place a fleece blanket or something w/ your smell on it so he gets used to you in his hide -- he is a little guy and in a big world so hes scared - you will need to build trust w/ him -- best way is start w/ hand feeding - get some BSFL and hand feed them then add them to the tops of his salads in the morning do not dust them they are a great staple feeder for babies feed as many as you want order large ignore the kale thing its a great staple feeder
if you need more help w/ lighting that is a priority right now along w/ the basking temps please ask I will help as well as others -- but you must get the lighting in order first -- everything else will fall into place you will need a ceramic or glass bowl like this for the worms / insects ... cx_mr_hp_d
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