Say hello to Lady Vulcatrix.

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Re: Say hello to Lady Vulcatrix.

Postby Staygold » Tue Nov 24, 2020 1:24 pm

KarrieRee wrote:The screen mesh is pretty tight I would put the UVB inside the tank - just to be on the safe side 12-15 inches directly above basking decor- you want to dust her insects 5 x per week w / calcium D3 once per feeding and vitamins w/ beta carotene 2 x per week once per week --- no probiotics unless shes sick and on meds -- if shes eating thats good --- she may be off on some days -- she may still be going thru relocation stress--- just keep offering her food and if shes eating salads thats great rinse before serving and she will get hydration thru them and gut loaded insects as well --

Okay. Thank you so much for your help! When I put the UVB inside her tank (need to figure out how to mount it cuz its glass or maybe screw it into the screen) she can't bask on her branch because her enclosure is only 17 or 18 in deep and that seems to be her favorite spot, she is going to hate me.
Maybe it is just because she's been relocated and I've been changing her lights trying to get her temps right (first with the analog therm/hygr. she came with, then the dig therm/hygr I ordered and then with the thermostat when it came. Also have changed her enclosure around to get her hide in the cool spot. The Zoo Med digital temp gun came yesterday and her temperatures were lower from what the thermometers that are in there were saying. So today I switched her down to a 75-watt basking bulb and so far her temps seem to be right with the temp gun. It just sucks for her that when the new UVB bulb comes I'm going to have to move everything around again and probably take out her climby things because they will be too close to the uvb. She is really going to get upset with me. Poor Lady V more changes to come. And to boot, she just started shedding her eyes , nose and jawline in the last couple days, poor baby. Thank you again for taking the time to help me out.

Odd question. I dusted some crickets for her and she didn't eat them. Now they have been sitting there for 2 days with calcium dust on them. Will it make their exoskeletons harder and should I just throw them out?
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