I'm very new to all this, new dragon

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I'm very new to all this, new dragon

Postby CookieBeast12 » Tue Sep 22, 2020 3:40 pm

So I recently got a little baby beardie from PetSmart (Which I know is not the best place to buy them) He's been quite stressed but I'm happy I got him :) Rex is about 5,5 inches unsure his weight at the moment, Please critique my setup as I am so new to this, I've never had a beardie before but I've always wanted one :3 Rex loves crickets, hates vegetables, his basking spot is usually around 110-120 during the day his cool side is around 67-78 so I hope I got that correct, I bought a tank set for him, he's in a 20 gallon soon to get a 30 from a friend when he is a juvi, he's just a little baby can't wait until he grows to a big boi lol, He's skittish, bobs at me sometimes but mostly at my dog and his reflection, he prefers his basking spot and loves being warm, he doesn't enjoy baths unless they are very warm, I sterilized an organic hide for him which he likes, he doesn't use his water dish, and he sprints away from me with every chance he gets, I'm hoping he calms down and likes being held.
I use a ceramic heater at night and I usually start his day at 7am and we end it at 8:30 pm
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I'm using zoo med bulbs for UVB and Basking light
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Re: I'm very new to all this, new dragon

Postby KarrieRee » Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:27 pm

Welcome Rex -- your 30 gallon tank will not last long - I recommend you skip.the 30 and go for as big as you can afford- 75-120 gallon is recommended- your uvb should be replaced asap - the coils are inadequate- I would upgrade the UVB to a 24" fixture w/ a reflector and use the 5.0 bulb that comes w/ that fixture for now-- it will be good for the 20 gallon tank+ you would need to have your basking distance around 6-8 inches from the UVB w/ no screen on top- after you upgrade to the larger tank swap your bulb out for the Reptisun 10.0 bulb T 5- it would go right into the bigger tank---
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