New bearded in the house!

If you just got a new beardie, introduce your beardie to the community! If you're a newcomer, say hello and introduce yourself.

New bearded in the house!

Postby SpikesCarol » Thu Jun 04, 2020 12:51 pm

Meet Spikes-Carol. Our new baby!
Just like a new mama I’m insanely paranoid about everything and constantly checking on him/her.

Happy to say hi to you all![Click image to enlarge]
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Re: New bearded in the house!

Postby KarrieRee » Thu Jun 04, 2020 3:40 pm

Welcome to the forum -- please ask questions if you have them-- cute little guy
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Re: New bearded in the house!

Postby Draven88 » Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:16 pm

Such a typical I'm just gonna lay however I want no matter how uncomfortable it looks beardie right there. Being paranoid at first is something I think all of us went through, and i think that's good to a point as it drives us to make sure everything is setup as it should be. Too many get bad advice at pet stores (I cant blame the employees, sadly they are just doing the best they can. But they do not get adequate training/information provided to them.)

There is a absolute treasure trove of good information here and never hesitate to ask your questions. Everyone's setup can be slightly different but the knowledge here will help put your mind at ease.

Love the Drawings being used to cover the glass makes it truly unique.
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