New beardie owner ( kinda a rescue sit.)

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New beardie owner ( kinda a rescue sit.)

Postby livein2day111 » Wed Mar 11, 2020 9:05 pm

Hey all so I am a new beardie owner however my beardie is to my knowledge a 12 yr old male he is such a sweet sweet boy his name is haze he is so laid back and relaxed and loves everyone !! However!!! Let's just say for argument sake I acquired him via. Bad parenting I went to (friends) and there was someone living in there home who had this perfect little man and when I went to grab him up and hold him
((( during the day mind you!!)))
And the poor boy climbed right up on me and crawled up to my neck and well let's just say he's spent the better part of the last four days now on my chest I realized very quickly that he was freezing and I didn't know much of anything about beardies but I knew there not supposed to be cold ! And I asked if I cud go hang with him for awhile as I lived right on the same block and while there I was asking questions as I usually do ( I will ask until I understand) lol and I asked about his tank cuz I didn't see one!! And was told he doesn't have one or lights or any of the above so I knew than he clearly wasn't being properly cared for. And like I said I'm a new beardie owner by default with an old man who is in dire need of extra love and tender care!! (TLC) HAHHAHA I SAID THAT BACKWARDS‽‽
ANY WHOOOO moral of the story is he isn't being well let me rephrase that wasn't being properly cared for now.. like I said wasn't being is is now to the best of my ability however he is like I said an old man and he is not a happy dragon in side the damn tank the poor thing literally didn't see the glass and tried to walk onto me and walked right into the glass
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Re: New beardie owner ( kinda a rescue sit.)

Postby Claudiusx » Thu Mar 12, 2020 6:09 am

Welcome to the site! :)

I went ahead and moved your post to it's own thread, that way it doesn't get confused with the other thread you posted on :)

12 years old wow! Quite the ol'chap there. Do you have any pictures of him?

Follow along with all my beardies. Check out my thread here!: Claud's Crew
P.S. We have lots of pictures ;)
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Re: New beardie owner ( kinda a rescue sit.)

Postby DragonPete » Fri Mar 13, 2020 3:59 pm

Oh my! So glad Haze found YOU! ❤
Have you gotten him all set with proper lights and temps etc? Karrie is the best with info for that stuff, she can let you know exactly what you need. Surprised she's missed your post.😲 That's rare. She's the welcome wagon around here too. 😊
Anything you need, please ask. Lots of experienced people here to help you and Haze.
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