New to me, not to this world

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Re: New to me, not to this world

Postby LeNordic » Wed Jun 03, 2020 5:54 pm

He's getting sleepy right now, but I will be sure to measure him in the morning when he's running around. He could very well be larger now, since I've taken him in he has gone through 2 full body sheds (It's been about 3, maybe 4 months now). And I will be sure to add kale back into his diet, I like to keep things fresh and exciting in the land of his stomach :)

I'm aware there's a type of worm these guys like as well, should I include those or are the crickets every couple of days sufficient? He goes BONKERS for them and the dandelion flower, I'd love to see him enjoy more foods though. I also have raspberry bushes outside, but he never seemed to be interested in fruits.
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Re: New to me, not to this world

Postby AHBD » Wed Jun 03, 2020 6:03 pm

That's good he likes dandelion flowers, one of my dragons will eat a small handful of them. :) They're pretty nutritious + give a little dose of bee pollen. Crickets are good , if you can get dubia roaches those would be great. BSFL [ black soldier fly larva ] are an excellent grub, you can use superworms as well but not as a staple for a growing beardie.
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