Old but New Dragon - any advice?

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Re: Old but New Dragon - any advice?

Postby alikate » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:56 am

Hi Folks - just back from vet with Puff. Vet satisfied that he’s healthy enough & has correct living conditions now. He weighs 170g & is petite for a male. May be down to incorrect living conditions while growing. Vet thinks it’s likely he’ll have a bit of MBD but nothing to worry about too much as long as he’s getting the correct calcium now.
He fought like mad with Vetty when he tried to check his mouth - vet was very pleased with this as he’s happy he still has ‘spirit’! He’s known bigger healthier dragons to fight less!!
Puff now back in his house basking away & heating up nicely. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he continues to improve & he has another few happy years 😆
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