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Postby Gormagon » Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:20 pm


showmanshoe wrote:Newbie here. My intention to sign up this forum is to learn about this bearded dragon and it might be in the future I will decide to adopt it as a pet. First it might be great for me because I don't always stay at home unless during weekend, so I could fully take care of it during weekend, I need to know whether it can survive and be on his own while I'm not at home.

Dragons are better for those that can spend the time they require daily. With babies it is VERY important that they are fed at least 2 (there is debate about a 3rd) bug meals a day (as many crickets as they want in a 10 minute period) and, offered greens daily. Vivarium has to be kept clean and, sanitary. They are also well known to crave human attention, they actually miss you when you are not home.
These are not creatures to be left alone for a 5 day stint, they require attention daily.

So in a word (to answer your question)....NO
The wonderful world of bearded dragons is a magical land of mystery, enchantment, cuddles, love and, worry! A mysterious realm where things always seem to change in an instant and, the moment you think you have it all figured out, the rules change! You think you own your dragon, guess again. You are now a slave!!!
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