Reintroduction for me and Intro for rescue

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Reintroduction for me and Intro for rescue

Postby lele » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:15 am


Hi All,
This is actually a re-introduction for me and "Henry's" story (will likely be changing his name). I lost my dear Darwin Dec 31st 2016 at 2 months, just shy of 12 years old. I'd had him since 3 months out of his egg. His story was long and tough at times (one of two surviving a clutch). I am sure he was the oldest translucent on the planet.
I was going to get another, but not until I move in the fall. But as we all know, sometimes our animals find us. I live in RI and there has been an unfortunate abundance of animal abuse cases this winter, one included 40+ dogs 20+ cats a beardie and a mouse rescued by a local animal control/shelter.

I called to inquire when this first happened about 6-8 weeks ago. Not really in the position to get one right now as I am having hand surgery March 1st but I don't want him to end up in uneducated hands. He is finally adoptable and I went to meet him last week. Beautiful, healthy young(?) adult, good eater, alert. Waiting for approval on my app and will be getting him any day. Really wanted to get a baby, but this guy needs a good home and I know I can provide this for him. He will be seeing my vet for a fecal and a wellness check.

I have a few refresher questions so you'll see a post or two from me. I will post a picture once he's settled in :)
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