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New to dragon breeding

Postby williamk34 » Wed May 06, 2020 6:00 am

So I'm just coming here to the more experienced people any type of advice would be very much appreciated. Right now I have two bearded dragons Spike my female bearded dragon and shenron my little dude of the house. [Click image to enlarge]
Spike [Click image to enlarge]
shenron. They're both healthy and ready to go I'm going to hold off a little bit longerI have a pair of juvenile ackie monitors and I want them to be in their permanent home before I start breeding my dragons. I want to have everything ready I was just wondering different types of incubation techniques that people have used and if there's any then you can recommend all the do's and don'ts I'm also getting another to bearded dragons one is an extremely bright red female that I'm in negotiations for and a purple paradox male. So any advice would be very appreciated.
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