Egg question

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Egg question

Postby DragonCompanion » Sat Apr 18, 2020 6:24 pm

Today has been rough.
Okay, 22 of 23 babies have hatched, in a 10 day span. Two days ago the second to the last hatched, leaving one to go. Yesterday i candle the one...nothing. Then i got a soft, tiny paintbrush brush, tickled the egg for about a minute and the baby started to move around. Good its alive.
I hoped it would hatch last night, but no. This evening, no activity. My husband thinks we should open the egg and help it. We candeled again few moments ago, and tickled. nothing moved inside.
The first clutch 4 babies got all the way developing, but perished. Their eggs started to just

This egg looks nothing like those eggs, but it does, and always has, look different ftom the rest.
Thoughts?[Click image to enlarge]
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