81 days and counting...

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81 days and counting...

Postby DragonCompanion » Sat Mar 07, 2020 7:49 am

Annabelle's first clutch is now at 81 days, and no signs of hatching. About 3 weeks ago, various eggs started to sweat, and i thought that hatching would be soon, but nope, sweat went away and nothing happened. Zip, nada.
I know the babies are alive, the little eggs giggle around, and when i candle them, lots of moving.
My humidity is in low 60 right now, and i read in one forum that when its close to hatch time. The humidity should be less, so baby can reach side of egg to break through...if to much humidity, they cant reach and could drown... has anyone else heard that?
I would hate to come this far with them, just to loose them now.
Any thoughts or pearls of wisdom?
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