Will 2 females lay eggs at the same time?

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Will 2 females lay eggs at the same time?

Postby Oops212 » Wed Nov 14, 2018 12:30 pm


Stumpy laid eggs on sunday evening. 28. Then tuesday i found 4 more eggs in the tank no noticeable signs of her needing to lay. Or anyrhing. Like both females were eating like normal and now i caught Rem laying eggs today. 2 so far. Shes in a dig box but keeps wanting out but shes pretty swollen down below. Neither appeared to gain much weight or even show that they were gravid.

I do have a male as well, all three run free during cleaning times and during bath time as well but ive never seen them mate. Just a lot of head bobbing and posturing.

So i guess im asking if females go into season together?
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