Gonna have to put my bearded dragon lerroy Jenkins down

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Gonna have to put my bearded dragon lerroy Jenkins down

Postby KakashiandLerroy » Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:37 pm

My old man lerroy Jenkins has eye cancer I opened a gofund me for the byopsy and surgery with no help so he just got out brumation and flipped and ripped a huge gash in his eye this is a ongoing thing the vet tried all kinds of meds woth no results I thought after brumation he would be okay but then he ripped a hole in his eye again flipped out blood ever where I can't afford the byopsy or surgery so me and my fiance talked and think best thing is putting him to rest he is 11 years old this is the worst day ever I love him so much but just couldn't get the funding I thought I could woth the gofund me not even a. Dollar so all think of him tomorow my fiance is taking care of it for me because I just am to attached to him does anyone know how much is cremation to take his ashes home? This is a sad sad night
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