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Postby Heyimbrit » Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:06 am

Hoss, I love you so much. I fell in love with you the day I met you. I'll never forget the moment I knew you were meant to be mine. Those curious, loving eyes were one of things that could always bring a smile to my face. We were meant to be together and I've loved very single day that I've been lucky enough to spend with you. You were so strong and loved me even when I wasn't doing the best I could for you. You've been my boy, my butthead, and most of all, my cuddle bug. You were always so happy and willing to meet new people and show them that there's no reason to be afraid of you. You helped me educate so many people just by being you. I promise I'll never forget you or all of the memories we've had over the years. I'll see you on the other side if the rainbow bridge, buddy. Mommy loves you.[Click image to enlarge]
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