I’m so sorry Mooshie

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I’m so sorry Mooshie

Postby MissMooshie » Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:10 am

s, im Jess, I’m not new to owning Beardie’s, I had two for years but they got old as all Beardie’s do and passed. So I waited about four years and about a week ago after months of preparing her enclosure we got Mooshie
[Click image to enlarge]

We got her from pet smart(I know not very good) because when we saw her she looked so different than all the others! She came right up to the glass and put her little foot up on my finger and I was instantly in love. We left her there for a few days to think about it and we went back to look at her and I couldn’t resist and got her.
She was the sweetest little baby girl. She ate so well even the first night we brought her back and loved being held and snuggled. She had such a sassy personality and loved her some wax worms. She had a good little belly and such a cute smile. I absolutely adored my baby girl.
Then yesterday my boyfriend got home and went to our room and came back and told me the worst thing I could possibly imagine. Our cat had got locked in our room and got her.
I literally collapsed wailing. I lost my voice I screamed so much. We rushed her to the vet and they put her on oxygen but she had punctured one of her lungs and had blood in her stool so a punctured intestines as well. She also had a huge laceration on her right back leg as well as blood in her right ear. Her prognosis was poor and to try and stabilize her was over 1000$ with no guarantee she would stabilize or make it to be well enough for surgery which would have been even more.

[Click image to enlarge]

It cost us 200$ to put her down and it was the hardest moment of my entire life.
She was my little Moosh and I loved her so much
It is literally all my fault. The one time I didn’t check for our cat under the bed.
We’re looking for another one, another leatherback but we need time.
I still feel so guilty but the best I can do is learn from my mistakes and do better in Mooshies honor. Better secured lid and just anything.

If anyone can recommend a breeder in California that’d be awesome.

Sorry for the sad intro. Feel free to call me horrible names I literally feel like the worst. I’ve been crying for the last two days and can’t get over it
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