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R.I.P. Quagmire

PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:35 am
by lilith13
I keep looking into his house to see what he's up to, but its empty. :( Early this evening, after I buried him and set up rocks to mark his site, I spoke with the guy that gave Quagmiro us. He had Quagmire's sibling, a sister and she apparently died 2 years ago. He was shocked that Quagmire had been living all this time! He said they learned when they creamated her that she abouts 8-9 yrs old, that would make Q 10-11 when he passed away. I guess he missed Billy, decided to at last go look for him.
You will be missed little man, but you hung on a good while I supposed cause I needed you!
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??--10/29/17[Click image to enlarge]

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